Well it has been a very busy couple of weeks.  Right at the end of our time here we have company almost everyday and we have been here for three months.  Most of the time in April and May we were by our selves and looking forward to family and friends stopping by.  Now it seems we are cramming it all into the last few days.  We hear that is not uncommon, good to know we are ‘normal’.

The camp host loop.  We stayed here since the last flood event and until we left.

pan camp host group

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So here is what  we have been up to.

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Fellow camp hosts John and Mary held their annual Fish Taco party last week.  We had a feast.  Cybil and her friend Jenny were with us for a week and this was day two of their stay.

Our friend Karen and her son Tommy came out a couple of times.


We took a trip to Johnson Shut Ins State Park.  Check it out here

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Float trip #4 included Erin later in the week.

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Before we knew it the week was gone.  The Campground was practically sold out over the weekend and some of the campers were too ready to party.  Interesting times for a camp host and it was our first real taste of unruly guests.  Things became somewhat tense a few times on Saturday night.

Saying good bye to new friends.

IMG_1129.jpg IMG_1130.jpg IMG_1132.jpg IMG_1131.jpg

You do meet some really nice folks ‘out here’.  New friends, Mike, Betty and Sasha were here for the last time during our stay.  They come to the park regularly and became friends quickly in late April on one of their first campouts of the season.  We will miss you and think of you often.

So as we enter the last few days here, I expect a visit from daughter #3 Jessica and her family.  We will be seeing Terry and Marilyn, (camphost friends) leave for Gulf Shores to watch their Grand sons play in the little league world series.  More good byes to new good friends.

We just did this in January.  We need to do it again?

20130624_095648.jpg 20130624_095623.jpg

Monday came and I had an appointment for tire rotation and an alignment.  I had been seeing the same tire wear as in early January, 7,000 miles ago.  Sure enough we needed parts.  Upper and Lower ball joints, make the total $650.oo for all the work.  Since the upper ball joint and alignment was done in January at a Goodyear store in Tallahassee, FL those items were covered under their nationwide warranty.  We are getting $325.oo back!  Goodyear just earned most all of my repair business.

And there are the highlights of the past few days.  The internet connection here has been more off than on, as a result there have been fewer updates.  We will be heading to Palatki soon with a stop on the way at Truman Lake for eight days.  We do expect to cram a bunch of family and friend time in while at Truman.  The fourth of July will be during that time also, not sure what that will mean.  Planning a day trip back to my home town, Marshall, MO and will have some pictures and stories to tell about that I’m sure.  Stay tuned as the adventure continues.

Always remember, Turn When The Road Does!

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