Our site at Truman Lake for 8 days – 6/30 till 7/8.

We left Meramec SP 6/30/13 headed for Truman Lake Bucksaw COE campground.  The plan was to spend time with family and friends while we were there.  We were able to get a lot of visiting in, but not everyone on our list was available.  We sure hope to see them possibly join us in some really neat place where we are sometime in the future.  The suggestions and tentative plans have been made, we’ll see.


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First on the list was a trip to my hometown, Marshall MO to see my cousin David.  We spent some time visiting at his ‘man shack’ the barn, on the outskirts of town.  Sorry no pictures, I was not in the picture taking mode again and need to work on that some I guess.  We had a great time and hope Dave and Jerri can catch up with us somewhere down the road, they are getting a vintage Airstream soon.  Take care Dave, see you again soon, Love ya.


George and Mary were heading to the northwest for a couple of months and came our way for a couple of nights.  It was really great to see them and hang out a for a while again.  Great friends from Boating and now RVing.  Have a super trip guys, at this writing I know you are in the Badlands or possibly by now further along the trail you’re on.  Safe travels and thanks for stopping, we really had a good time visiting with you.

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On a day trip to get groceries and check out some local stuff, we headed to the Truman Lake visitor Center and the Dam.  This is a power generating dam and the informative displays in the visitor center are very interesting and well worth the time to stop.  In addition to the info on the Dam, there is a ton of local history info as well.  There are extensive displays of dinosaur fossils found in the area along with lots of documentation on various archeological digs.

Adjoining the visitor center property is the Hooper House and Barn, the Elmore Log Cabin complex, the Kaysinger General Store, and the Concord Schoolhouse located just off the Hooper House Trail.  These are a number of old buildings that have been relocated to form a working village.  The craftsmen were not working the day we were there but do three days a week.  This is quite a place, I’m sure it would be a lot of fun to stroll around while the 1880’s atmosphere is in full swing.  We read there is homemade bread available and there are various crafts being performed, building log cabins, horse shoeing etc.  We just did not have the time to go back to see it in action.


My Daughter Stephanie came to visit and again, I was not too good with getting a bunch of pictures.  We were too intent on spending some time just hanging out before we cross over the MO line for a while.  We will see you in AZ next spring, keep up the great work there in school and finish with a bang.  Very proud of your accomplishments kid.

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The Deer are much more shy at Truman than they are at Meramec.  I did see one spotted fawn but no chance of a picture.castle.jpg

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Toward the end of our stay we headed to the Lake of the Ozarks to visit my nephew and his family and then head to my best friends (brother in law Kendall) cabin.  Man I tell you, Nathan and Molly have really put together a great castle in the woods.  It is ‘hidden’ inside of a shipping container and when you step inside, WOW.  Smart moves, they are 100% debt free and not yet 30 yrs old!  Nathan has become quite a talented craftsman.  You should be very proud of what you have done here buddy.  Keep up the good work.

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We all headed to Nathan’s dad’s (my brother in-law and long time friend) cabin.  Kendall and Cherri had a relaxed gathering there on the deck watching the mayhem out on the water.  I never have been able to figure out how one could say they have fun on the water there on the weekends much less holiday weekends.  I’ll take the Mississippi River any day.  Still a great time on shore at the cabin and super company for sure, old friends, Greg, Sharon, Kendall and Cherri.  Thanks all of you for a great time, we had fun and enjoyed very much the opportunity to crash the party.

Our current location – Heyburn Lake, Kellyville, OK

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Leaving MO after being there since the first of April seemed quite a bit like starting this full time adventure all over again.  Kind of weird but true, Rhonda mentioned it to me about the same time I was thinking it during the last day of camp hosting at Meramec.  Anyway we are finally heading west, horay.

So we left MO this morning and now are at Heyburn Lake COE Campground.  Just outside of Tulsa OK, we plan to roll again in the morning.  The approx 300 miles was an easy trip and a great start to our journey west.  Destination is Sedona by the 20th, specifically the Palatki National Heritage Site.  It has been a rough 15 to 20 days with the internet connections being so spotty and we intend to fix that when we get to Palatki.  Just need a drop point for UPs and we will be set.  More on that later, but the translation is, sorry for the dead air the past couple of weeks.

Here is an interesting tidbit, when we checked in here at Heyburn Lake, we were talking with the Campground attendants, Paul and Jackie, they have been Full Timers for 28 years!  That is the longest we have heard, you know the first thing Paul said when we told him we were FT and before he told us how long they have been was isn’t it a great lifestyle?  Yes Paul it sure is, we love it and look forward to every minute of it.

That is it for now, stay tuned, more to come.

Always remember, Turn When The Road Does!

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