A medical emergency pulls Rhonda back to St. Louis.

We were in the process of making our way to the Sedona, AZ area.  Camped Thursday night at UTE Lake State Park.  The plan was to stay one night and move on west in the AM.

Early in the morning, Friday we received a call no parent wants to be the recipient of. 

St. John’s Mercy Hospital was calling to let Rhonda know her son Ryan was in the emergency room in critical condition.  Bottom line is he has had a stoke.  What a shock and what a way to start the day.

We were immediately headed back east, destination; the air port in Amarillo, TX, just over 100 miles away.  During the drive to the airport, a call from the Surgeon brought us up to date and was somewhat encouraging.  Rhonda is catching a plane to St. Louis and I am staying with Toby and the house.

For now, I’m not really sure what I am doing.  Tentative plan is to move further west tomorrow, closer to our destination and close to the Airport in Albuquerque, NM.  Time will tell and we will reassess in the morning.

Obviously any firm plan is on hold for the moment.  Any and all good thoughts would be very appreciated.  We are optimistic this is just a bump for Ryan and feel that maintaining a positive outlook will have an influence on the outcome.


At the end of the day a Rainbow appeared behind our site.  Kind of seems the rainbow was there to support that line of thinking.

Saturday PM

Toby and I rolled about 250 miles west and arrived near Santa Fe, NM.  Updates from Rhonda indicate the Dr. has a positive prognosis and the subsequent tests through the day continue to reinforce that.  It is way too early to predict just what Ryan is in for but we are encouraged and should have a better idea tomorrow.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.  Been a long day and I’m are going to crash.