From Truman Lake it was off to Arizona, our first stop was the COE campground at Heyburn Lake.  This was just an overnight stop and it was HOT.  The GPS took us on a somewhat bad road vs. the directions in the book, Camping with the Corps.  So while it may not be obvious, the directions in that book can be valuable.

The terrain started to become quite different as as we entered Oklahoma.

Heyburn Lake

20130709_140958.jpg image.png


The next stop on the way was Sayre City Park, a great little park with Electric and water for 12.oo per night.  It was HOTTER in Sayre, OK.

There was a really nice pool built by the WPA in the 30’s.  Quite an era then and a great generation that made a huge contribution to a lot of what we enjoy today.

Sayre, OK City Park

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Court house in Sayre, OK – shown in the movie The Grapes of Wrath.

20130710_183314.jpg IMG_1305.jpg

Taking two days to get a break from driving, we went into nearby Elk City, OK.  There is a museum complex that includes the National Route 66 Museum which is actually four museums in one facility.

IMG_1314.jpg IMG_1315.jpg

There was a lot there and well worth the 4.oo admission.

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The next day we passed through northern Texas and ended the day at Ute Lake State Park in New Mexico.

A BBQ grill at a Texas Rest Stop, cool or what?


We had only planned to spend one night here at UTE SP.  But the phone call Thursday AM change that.  We rushed to the Airport in Amarillo and Rhonda headed back to St. Louis.  Rhonda’s son Ryan, according to the surgeon, had had a ‘large stroke’.

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Continuing the westward trek, now just me and Toby, the next stop is the COE Cochiti Lake CG in New Mexico.  Just outside of Santa Fe, toby and I parked here for a couple of days.

Cochiti Lake Camp Ground, NM

20130718_132241.jpg 20130713_153605.jpg 20130713_153626.jpg 20130716_171225_thumb.jpg

The weather cooled to a remarkable mid 70s and 80s during the day for our whole stay.

I took a bit of a hike through Tent Rocks NM.  This is about 400 acres of mostly volcanic ash from approximately 6 nearby volcanoes that were active 6 million years ago, read more about it here.

Tent Rocks National Monument


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Ryan’s condition continues to improve and it sounds like Rhonda will be heading back soon.   The parts of this trip she has missed would have been so much more fun if she had been here and we will be sure to re-visit the areas on a future trip someday.


With the gang only being me and Toby, I chose to pass many sights and notable stops along the way.  The Petrified Forest, The Impact Crater, etc.  So we carried on and found our next nights stay at Homolovi SP, in Winslow, AZ.

When I got the trailer leveled and unhooked from the truck, this is what I found inside.  A long day just got much longer.

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The road into Homolovi is cracked every 30 to 100 feet.  The small cracks are like speed bumps and even at less than 10 miles an hour it is quite a ride.  I left the park VERY slowly the next day.  Velcro strapped the cabinet doors also.

This park contains the remains of the ancient Pueblo, not cliff dwellings but structures built into the hillsides and underground. Read about it here.

Regretfully I passed on exploring the site as well as touring Winslow, AZ.  without Rhonda here and not sure of what was going on in St. Louis, I just did not have the interest or desire.

I don’t think I took any other pictures here either!


So, here I am at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood, AZ.  Been here since last night, (Friday) will be here at least till Tuesday AM.  Rhonda comes back tomorrow, (Sunday) around 8:30PM.  Man there will be one happy big dog when he sees her.  I will be too!

A BIG oh-shit moment

When I got here last night, I quickly unhooked the trailer and took a drive to see where we will be for the next 2 1/2 months.  What a shock and disappointment.  Our plans may have just fallen apart.