Rhonda made it back last night.  Our day (Monday) was spent getting the mail, meeting with our contact at the USDA National Park Office, driving to the site and ultimately making a final decision.  So here goes with the short story.


When I arrived last week here in the Dead Horse State Park, I drove to Palatki to check out the road going into the site.  It was rough and I had just had the destruction back in Winslow from going into Homolovi.  I must have been tired and hypersensitive to the road conditions although there is no doubt about it, parts of the road are horrendous.


So we met with Angela and the proposition was for us to stay at another site and drive a forest service vehicle to Palatki, about an hour one way each day.  It was real obvious they needed us to be there.  I hate this, not fulfilling a commitment is not what I do.  I also try my best not to ever let Rhonda down on what she wants to do, after all she is my BEST FRIEND.  Still I am very concerned about getting the trailer in and out of Palatki.


We checked out the alternate site to park the trailer – no go.  Not attractive and a two hour adder to each day we are on, no way.  After getting the mail in Sedona, we continue the drive to Palatki.


The goal was to let Rhonda experience the drive on that road and meet Terri Lynn on site at Palatki.  As we drove the 7 mile gravel road and drew closer to the end of the journey, I started to become more comfortable with the prospect of pulling in there.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have reservations but what the hell, go slow and it can be done.


So here we are at Dead Horse CG for tonight.  Tomorrow AM EARLY we will roll over to Palatki.  When I get to the dirt, the truck goes into low range and we roll VERY SLOWLY till we get there.

Stay tuned for the conclusion to this saga, quest, journey.  Not sure of how good the signal will be but I will post an update as soon as possible.  When I do the pictures will be awesome, this place is amazing.  There are many things about this work camping gig that are pluses and I will tell more about those in the next post.  Let’s get the trailer in in one piece first.

Stay tuned, much more to come, and we are not there yet!