We made it, safe and sound.

Got up this morning 5:30.  Left Dead Horse Ranch about 6:30.  Drove out to NFS525 and shifted to low range.  Idled most of the way and the 7 mile trip took 2 1/2 hours.  Rhonda walked along side some of the way.  Made me think of the covered wagons going west, ’bout the same speed I figure.


No damage to anything.  Rolled so slowly it was probably easier on the rig than a 3 hour run on some of the interstates.


This gig may not be for everybody but we sure are happy to be here.  The cell/internet service will be challanging.  I will be ordering the Wilson repeater etc soon, just a minor detail to work out first.


So we are tired from all that has been going on and today’s move.  The word from St. Louis continues to be good on Ryan’s condition.

I will be posting more about this really neat place very soon.  We just saw the cliff dwellings and we have been here all day.  Very long day and this short post is from my phone.  Thumbs are tired now too!!

More to come, stay tuned.