I am returning what I bought.  Now I am back to considering a Wilson solution.  The 3g Store proved to be the most help and able to clearly communicate.  I am still dealing with limitations and feel those are unique to this location.

After talking with Sprint, it sounds like here at Palatki we always will be roaming.  That in its self is not a problem however the roaming partner (whoever that is) is not sending much of a 3g signal that is usable.  In otherwords we can boost the poor 3g but will still have a very poor/slow 3g/data result.

Frustrated and frankly a bit pissed. I may tell that whole story at some point.  So now I am back to where I was a month ago, ordering the Wilson Products that a Wilson Tech advised me not to get.  I will write a bit more detail soon.

For now at Palatki, I will begin a new strategy for keeping things more current.  Going forward, I will be updating this blog at least once a week when we are in tough locations like here at Palatki.  I had been telling myself the problem would be solved soon with the booster!

So for now that is the story on the upgrade.

We have been experiencing more rain, the road gets very sloppy and as a result, the site remains closed.  Our time here is now growing short.  The plan is to leave at the end of September and head to the Grand Canyon for a couple of days.  After that stop (140 miles north) we will turn east then south and make our way to Corpus Christi TX.

So that is somewhat of an update for now.  More to come, stay tuned.



We are now back to a close tour of the cliff dwellings.  As with everything here, the changing view reveals a new perspective as the sun moves across the sky, even this close.  You see something new every few minutes if you are paying attention.  Shadows make 1,000 yr old hand prints really stand out.