This will be a multi part recap of our trip to Truth or Consequences starting with the good byes at Palatki.  We experienced a bump early the first day of travel but recovered quickly.  We acted like tourists some of the time and our preferences continue to unfold before us.  Hope you find this tale both entertaining and insightful.

Here we go:

The send off
Goodbye to all our new friends
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Mid week before we left Palatki, our site manager Terrilyn organized a send off get together.  We once had talked about cooking in a Dutch Oven which we have never done.  Terrilyn fixed a great Mexican dish and an apple crisp using two Dutch Ovens.  Delicious and the group of volunteers were a fun bunch to hang out with.  We will miss you guys for sure, thanks for all the memories and your hospitality.

Ready to Roll

So we had turned the rig around the day before and pulled out approximately 7:00 AM on on 9/29.  Just like the drive in, the drive out was slow.  As soon as we reached SR 89a, we were up to speed and rolled on over to I-17 via SR 260 from Cottonwood.  The route north on 89a past Sedona would have saved a lot of miles but the rig may be too long to make that trip, there is a beautiful section that has some switchbacks that are tight and steep.  Once we were on I-17 we settle in for the trip to Williams, AZ and the next leg of our adventure.

About 25 miles and WHAM we are stuck and waiting on road service

Even though I had replaced the thermostat a year ago before we left St. Louis and became Full Time RV’ers, the thermostat failed.  The truck overheated and we were now low on antifreeze, it had boiled over.  After a two hour wait, road service finally showed up with two gallons of antifreeze and we headed on to Flagstaff.  Rolled into an O’Reilly’s Auto Parts store to get a replacement Thermostat and continued toward Williams, AZ.  That was a tense trip watching the temp gage the whole way and expecting to be stuck at any moment but it was sticking and opening before situation critical the rest of the way in.  I changed it as part of our set up at the campground and then we went to dinner.

That was not the plan we had and it sure ate the time we would have spent in Williams which is a neat looking historic town 60 miles south of the Grand Canyon.  By the time we had re fueled and had dinner we were beat and it was late.  We headed to bed looking forward to the next day at the Grand Canyon and a trip down memory lane.

The End of day one headed to TorC