We got up early and hit the road well before 10:00 AM.  After the full day at the Grand Canyon, we were feeling like tourists and somewhat eager to see unique stuff along the way.  It seems like our newly realized preference is for a shorter drive of about 150 miles per day and a casual stop or two along the way if it suits us.  I guess that is kind of like traveling like tourists except we don’t have to be back home in a week to go to work.  That is one of the changes in attitude or preferences that has become obvious to us, till now we were trying to make miles and get to the destination.  Now we are realizing that it is more important to enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

So we stopped along the way


…and played tourist.  This tourist trap had all the usual bill boards touting all the usual stuff.  Rhonda has wanted some Minnetonka moccasins for a long time and that was one of the items that had been repeatedly plastered in front of us for about 50 miles.  So we pulled in and the search was on… this could take a long time, we were once in a shoe store and Rhonda was looking for some tennis shoes, after about two hours she had opened every box of her size in the store and still nothing was right.  The clerk said there was a shipment on the way, it was then that I offered to get a room at a nearby hotel.  Well the same thing happened here except there was no truck with more on the way!

Since we were in the area of the Petrified Forest there was a ton of petrified wood, probably a few tons actually.  Signs told the story, 25 million years ago the area was a swampy marsh.  Trees that were submerged had wood fiber replaced with various minerals over time and became colorful natural stone sculptures.

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There is no doubt about it the petrified wood is very interesting if not fascinating, especially the polished pieces.  However it is also very pricy, one particular piece had an asking price of $25,000.oo.  My guess is that it will likely be there for another 25 million years.  We’ll check on our next pass through here.

Anyway we were back on the road and headed to Homolovi and Winslow before noon and all was well.  Rhonda did find some moccasins the next day at another tourist trap along the way.

Our camp at Homolovi State Park.


We are back in the same spot where I was in July when Rhonda was still in St. Louis with Ryan at the Hospital.  Site 20, I remember it well, it was HOT and when I opened the door to the 5er, I found all the stuff from the cabinets on the floor.  That did not happen again thank god.

This campground is part of a heritage site similar to Palatki.  The people were of the the same culture (ancestral Hopi) and same time period.  The native heritage sites throughout the four corners region are fascinating, just can’t get enough.

A-IMG_1855.jpgb-IMG_1856.jpg IMG_1860.jpgC-IMG_1862.jpgD-IMG_1858_thumb.jpg IMG_1859.jpg   IMG_1857.jpg

Really cool stuff for sure.

After a tour of the ruins, we headed to Winslow.

Standin’ on a corner…

Of course we were takin’ it easy.

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A rich and diverse history

There are some very historic sites along the way here in Winslow.  The LA Posada Hotel is one of the Fred Harvey Hotels designed by Mary Coulter and a really cool place to visit.

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The train tracks are just to the rear of the hotel. It is awe inspiring to think of the historic events and famous people that make up the rich past of this place.

Winslow has one of the many Hubbell Trading Posts sites, now a Museum and Chamber of Commerce building.  There is one that is about 35 miles north of
I-40 that we had to pass up this time due to the schedule.  I know, we don’t really have a schedule but a 70+ mile round trip would add a lot of long to a day.  Here are some more pictures better than what I got.  To fully check out these significant historic locations click here.

So it was too late to get to see the museum, it was closed but with the main sights checked off our list we headed to a local Mexican restaurant before heading back to the rig and calling it a day.  That was sure good stuff and very reasonable.  Always like the local fare.

Stay tuned, tomorrow it is off to Red Rock SP in New Mexico.