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Well it has been a long journey but I have all the parts connected and it is working.  Unfortunately or fortunately we are now in T or C and our coverage is very good.  I do however see an improvement when the Samsung Galaxy Sll is in the cradle.

I had first talked with sales at Wilson and decided the new universal Sleek cradle would be a great solution.  Combine that with the Antenna that
RV Sue & Crew use and it should be a great solution.  (Subsequent conversations with Tech Support became very frustrating.)  As I considered routing cable I realized that we have the SAT connectors we will never use, TV is just not that important to us, we can take it or leave it.

20130812_181629.jpg 20130812_182257_thumb.jpg

Using those if possible will make the installation clean and neat and no need to punch any holes in the 5er.  That is where all the folks at Wilson and their Authorized dealers as well as a competitor of theirs literally fell on their faces.  I don’t really want to re live all the saga and B/S that went on with Wilson and Uniden but let’s just say that too many folks out there are ill prepared and unequipped to provide any level of quality service.  I believe it is mostly due to the education system and the lack of parental involvement that produces such an abundance of stupid out there today, but that could be a whole book much less a blog post.

Persistence pays with a little help from my friends

So after about the fourth try and the second round of purchased equipment now boxed and ready to return, I was about to just give up and forgo any attempt to resolve the booster project.  Then I thought of RV Sue, surely she would help me reach Mick for some help.  She did, and after a couple of days I had the parts ordered.

Here is what the end result consists ofimage.png20131012_135735.jpg20131012_135830.jpg

These items are the system.  The converter 50 to 75 oHm was never mentioned by anyone till Mick helped.  There are RG6 cables and a short cable for the converter to go from the converter to the cradle and that is it.

Use this in conjunction with an app called OPEN SIGNAL and the ability to point the directional antenna with accuracy becomes easy.


First off you may have noticed I have left out a bunch of technical jargon, that is on purpose.  This solution is one of many configurations that will work.  Some better than others.  My first priority was to avoid new holes in the 5er.

What I find very attractive with this set up is the versatility.  If I get a MIFI hot spot, it can go right into the cradle.  The Android will work as a hot spot, in the cradle.  Rhonda’s I phone goes into the cradle and with an HDMI adapter cable we can watch Netflix on the TV via her phone and Sprint, all data covered under the ‘unlimited’ data from sprint when that data is going through the phone.  The Cradle is not carrier specific, if we have a Verizon hot spot and sprint phones, it works with all of them.  Lastly, I can take it with me, in the truck if we are running around in an area with weak coverage.  I did get the accessory package with a vehicle kit, antenna and 12 volt plug.

If you want a total convenience package (wireless) and you are ok with running new cable all around your camper, this may not be for you.  But for the trade offs of the other options, this will work just fine for us untill something better comes along.

Thank you Mick and RV Sue for your help.