What can I say, we work three days and then we are off three days.  On days we work we try to get in a soak if there is a reasonably light guest load in the pools, for that matter we are very aware of the occupancy and only soak when there is plenty of room.  It sure helps melt away any aches and stress of the day.

I could not do any better on pictures than what you will find here, so take a minute and ‘soak up’ the sights.  We are able to soak most days and that is a great benefit of being here.  The coolest temps of the day have steam rising from the pools already, I am looking forward to when the nights get really cool.

Our past three days off were spent unwinding from training.  With no real plans we strolled around town, there was an organized event hosted by the local art galleries a few streets over from Riverbend.  The Geronimo springs Museum was included and we spent a number of hours taking in all they had on display.  No pictures as it did not ‘feel’ right taking pictures at the events and open galleries, the camera stayed home.  Check out the Geronimo Springs Museum here, it was really cool.

One of our adventures was hiking the Healing Waters Trail.  Here are some shots I took along the three mile stroll through a variety of landscapes we encountered.

20131013_111304_thumb.jpg20131013_115742.jpg 20131013_115802.jpg20131013_115815_thumb.jpg 20131013_115822.jpg20131013_120440.jpg 20131013_115914_thumb.jpg20131013_121236.jpg20131013_121249_thumb.jpg20131013_122019.jpg 20131013_122035.jpg20131013_122545_thumb.jpg 20131013_122532.jpg

View album HERE then click any picture for slide show.

That was a great hike.  The interpretive signage was super and helped us learn a lot more about the area.

We took the last day of our three off and headed to Las Cruses, approx. 70 miles south.  A primary reason for the trip was to fill meds at Sam’s Club.  That project took a bit more time than we expected and we did not get to check out much of the town.  Some things we were planning for were actually closed due to the holiday.  OOPS!  The 75 or so mile ride was an easy trip with mountains all around us.  There were horse ranches and orchards, cotton fields etc.  Interesting area for sure.  The Rio Grande meanders through the valley along I-25 and in many places looks like an oasis in the middle of the desert.

So now we are back to work and that started today, two more and we have another ‘week end’ (three off).  As I said this winter is going to be real hard to take!!  Somebody’s got to do it.

More adventures ahead, stay tuned and remember,
Turn When The Road Does.