Stay home…20131004_140828.jpg

and keep Rhonda’s foot on ice and elevated20131025_111339_thumb.jpg

In the afternoon on Wednesday, Rhonda took a step down from the deck and twisted her right ankle.  OUCH.  With help from Jake, she put it on ice quickly and before long word had spread to a local business owner that Rhonda may benefit from some of her ‘stuff’.  After an hour or so Annie showed up and presented Rhonda with one of her potions.  Rhonda applied some Arnica Salve to her swollen ankle that night and wow, the next morning it was much better.  Swelling was down and most of the pain is gone.  Now I am not one to get real torqued up over lotions and potions and all that greasy smelly stuff However I did try some of the Arnica Salve on my wrists and fingers.  They are getting stiff and achy as the years roll by.  I have to admit, it did seem to work.

Enough for smelly greasy girly stuff
We stayed in Thursday and most of Friday watching movies and going to the springs to soak a couple of times each day.  The plan had been to check out something at least one of every three days off while we are here and it looks like we will not do that this time.  Quite ok as there is still plenty of time to get most all of what we want to see in before the end of January.

Some long range plans start to take shape
In a recent post I said our preferences continue to evolve and we are finding that we like to be in one spot for a while.  Being stationary for a month or more allows us to see the area at a slower pace and not run around in a hurry, like we are on some kind of vacation.  We also need to have something we are committed to, not full time but something we can say we contribute to or are responsible for.  Too many years of ‘making things happen’ to just not do anything productive, I guess.  So Rhonda focused on what the plan would be for next summer.  While things are not firmed up yet, it looks like we may be in north central Colorado from May to Oct. 1.  More details to share as the next month or two unfold, but we are excited about the opportunity.  There are fellow bloggers and full timers that are up there every year and really sound like a fun couple to hang out with.

‘Nuff said for now, but if you are beginning this F/T adventure and think you know exactly what you want to do ‘out there’, just keep an open mind and be flexible.  I never thought we would like being stationary for long periods when we started this journey, just a little over a year ago.


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Tonight, FRIDAY ?
This evening the plan is to go see a movie at the El Cortez Theatre first run movies for $5.oo per ticket.  Can’t beat that and the theatre is really cool, like stepping back in time about 50 years.  The film is Gravity, Rhonda wants to go to Las Cruses to see it in 3D, BAHH, 150 miles round trip just to do that?  Is the three D worth it?  I have not been to a 3D movie in a long time but back then the glasses did not seem to do much for me?  I wonder.Image

What should we go see next?
There is no shortage of stuff to do and see.  When I am faced with such an abundance of interesting places to go see and unique things to see and do often it is hard to decide on a list of priorities.  Those of you that have been in these parts feel free to let me know what you think.  We plan to see more ghost towns, Lincoln for example and there are the Gila Cliff dwellings.  White Sands and Carlsbad Caverns.  Any thoughts on these or others?  Barring any additional mishaps we are planning to go see something at least one of the three days off going forward.  Your insight is appreciated.


Well that is it from here for now, stay tuned the adventures continue.  And remember, Turn When The Road Does.