Looks like I have become a bit behind but we have been ‘busy’.  Here is an update that starts now and goes back to where we were after my last post.

Dayton, we miss you buddy.image.png

Well what can I say, we have been looking at rescue web sites on and off since last April when we lost Dayton, AKA Pots.  Still miss him terribly he was a great little boy.

Looking over those sites we found a bunch of dogs that would make great pets.  Too bad we can not get them all.  We finally decided that if we could find the ‘right’ one, all of us, including Toby would be happier.

Enter TRINKET (I think)20131110_113422.jpg

Yep the rescue group called her Trinket, we are ‘chewing’ on that but she really turns her head when we call her Lilly Bitty.  Could her name have been Lilly?  We will be trying to fit a great name to her soon but may end up calling her about 4 or 8 different nicknames anyway.  Gypsy was a very popular response from a Facebook post and has a lot of potential, just afraid it may be somewhat overused.

Now I said the ‘right’ dog and from the moment we picked her up yesterday she seems like just that, the right dog.  One really cool thing about getting a rescue dog is that you get the insight from the caretakers that have been observing the dog in action.  A much higher probability of success than getting a puppy.  Plus it is a rescue, ‘nuff said.

Trinket er,,, a,,, Lilly, was rescued by the Great Dane Rescue of El Paso, did we think there would be a problem for her in hanging out with Toby?, nope.  It’s funny she is a li’l boss in a neat way.  I mean she is a confident little thing, just jumps right into the middle of the room and goes about her stuff.  We did not want a yappy little dog either, and she is not.  Smart?  Yes, we can already see that she is quite trainable and I kind of think she may be in the process of training us too.


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So that is the beginning of the story, this chapter that will include the newest member of our traveling troupe.

What else?  Hummm

On recent days off we took a run over to Silver City.

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We got a late start and did not really have a bunch of research on what we should try to see.  So we headed for the historic district and had a great time roaming around.  There is an old hotel there that has been renovated.  The Palace Hotel retains much of the character of it’s early days as an old west establishment.  Every door has a transom above it for ventilation and the sinks and faucets were old stuff.  Really cool.

It was Halloween day and there were kids, young and old in costume.  No pictures, people can be funny about taking shots of their kids even in costume.

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The road to Silver City from T or C was mountainous and had a great many switchbacks, some had no guardrail on the down hill side of the curve.  Those drop offs seemed like they were 1,000 feet down.


IMG_1936.jpg IMG_1937.jpg

The ride home

It was getting late and I did not really look forward to driving over the pass at night so we headed out.  It was a beautiful drive this time with the sun to our back and casting a yellow/orange glow on the range ahead of us.

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Recently Jake asked if we would be willing to help with adjusting the schedule so he could get things in place for a part time person to help the two folks that have a shift alone.  The part time person would be available on weekends when the pace is quicker and those folks sometimes get overwhelmed.  We worked 3 on and two off the past two weeks and now are back to ‘normal’ which is the regular schedule of 3 on / 3 off.  There is lot’s more to go see around here, stay tuned.

Shots from around T or C

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