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White Sands NM

A truly fascinating place.  The Dunes began forming 250 million years ago.  Gypsum was deposited at the bottom of a shallow sea and turned to stone.  When the Rocky Mountains were formed 70 million years ago, a giant dome formed and eventually collapsed.  The gypsum is broken down as sand over many freeze/thaw cycles and becomes wind blown creating the dunes.  For a more through look at the make up of the dunes and the White Sands Missile Range check out the link here.

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Sure makes you think the Gulf is just over the next Dune20131115_154956_thumb.jpg 20131115_160447_thumb.jpg

We had gone back to El Paso for some lose ends and business that needed to be taken care of so once again our tourist-ing was compromised with a very late start.  We arrived at White Sands just one and one half hours before closing.  The Day had turned into a cloudy rainy day also.  Undaunted we charged forward and drove the bulk of the roadway into the National Monument stopping for a minute in the visitor center before leaving for home.  Man the place really reminded us of our time in Pensacola and Fort Pickens last winter.  Carla and Mr. Jer of CozybeGone are at Fort Pickens now and it sure sounds like they are having a great time.

Waking and making new friends at RiverbendIMG_2049.jpg IMG_2048.jpg

Working the desk and handling reservations at Riverbend Hot Springs affords us a great opportunity to meet folks from all over the world.  It is a really neat benefit that comes with the job.  The guests both in the lodging and the RV spaces are quite a varied group.  Some are really easy to get to know in just the few days while they are here.  The folks that pull into the RV spaces obviously are those we usually have the most in common with.  This morning we had a new neighbor in a really neat Bus Conversion, you can check them out here at LIBERTY.  We headed over to soak first thing this morning and I pointed out Liberty to Rhonda.  In a little while we were soaking and visiting with Leroy and Anne. Nothing like those first few cups of coffee while getting to know fellow full timers exchanging stories of our travels and our rigs.  In another few minutes Bruce and Bridgette joined us.  They are also in the RV spaces across the street and right next to us.  Bruce and Bridgette checked in a couple days ago and are headed to a place near Deming to park their bus for the winter.  They are owners of Golden Eagle RV Park near Taos, NM.  Due to high winds in the forecast Bruce and Bridgette pulled out early.  I missed getting a picture.  It sure is great meeting new folks and establishing new friendships.  Many will stick and our paths are sure to cross again in the future.

How is Trinket ah I mean Lily Bleu you asked?IMG_2014.jpg IMG_2016.jpg

Toby is unaffected but seems to be warming up to her nicely.  She continues to be very possessive of her stuff, not aggressive just possessive, gathers it up and takes it to her pen.  It’s like she has been in a spot where she has had nothing and does not want to go back there!

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We are headed to a play here in town this evening, Billy The Kid.  The story is about the version that has Pat Garrett not really shooting Billy and Billy living many more years after his supposed demise with help from his friends.  Local actors are stars of the show and Pat Garrett is the local Mobile RV repair guy.  Interesting.  We will likely tell more next time.

Till then, remember, TurnWhenTheRoadDoes.


Soakin’ it up at Riverbend Hot Springs