Turtle back mountain last week.


Turtle back mountain today, blanketed in a dusting of snow.

And it keeps falling, sometimes ice and sometimes snow.  The temps are right around 34 now, 2:30PM.  Here is what they are saying the next few days will be like;

image.pngSo we get the winter prep done and go soak in the springs.  By Tuesday at least the sun will be back out here.  The big storm will be making it’s way across the country.

Emily comes to Riverbend to say HI


It was right about shift change one day last week and Emily, a fellow blogger and RVer stopped by to introduce herself.  She recently moved to T or C.  You can read all about it here.  We had to get a group picture for posterity.  This is Rhonda, Emily, Sue and Jim.  Emily has spent a lot of time in this area and told us of a number of must see locations and some great DO NOT MISS local fare for lunch.  Sure is nice to meet fellow bloggers RVer/bloggers.

A short ride to Hillsboro Ghost Town


With the weather forecast being what it is we decided to wait on a trip to Lincoln, NM and go instead to Hillsboro.


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20131122_120754.jpg 20131122_123445.jpg


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The country is rough and rugged around this spot on the map.  As we followed a walking trail map it was easy to picture in your mind the old west that this place once was.  In the hay day the population was approx. 10,000, then silver prices plummeted and people left in droves.

It was a cold and windy day but strolling through the old buildings and encountering an occasional pot belly stove full of burning coals really took the edge off the chill in the air.  To learn more about this neat little town check here and find more here.  We really had a good time exploring.

So now we are back home, snug in the warmth of the 5er and looking forward to Thanksgiving next week and the return of sunshine.  This sure is a reminder of why we left the Midwest, but for a brief time (I hope) it sure is like being back there.

Staying warm in the frozen desert.