With our recent three days off, we spent a little of it checking out the wild life refuge just north of here, Bosque_del_Apache.

A couple of Doe were aware of our presence.IMG_2116.jpg


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The drive to and through Bosque del Apache proved to be a great time.  The sun was shining and the temps were close to 70!  We are not birders but the refuge is a special place that we both do find appreciation for and had to go check it out.  The area is huge and managed to emulate what the natural habitat would have been like before population and land use changed the area and the migration patterns along this part of the Rio Grande.  With effective management the wetlands have been restored and nature has taken it’s course.  There is quite a show to be seen here this time of year.  The timing was important if we were going to see what may be left of the huge migration of the Cranes.  Check out the details here.

Lots of wildlife to be seen and there was a sign warning us we were in Mountain Lion country.  Saw that just about the time we came across 8 deer along a trail we were on.  Not really scared but wary, it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up for a bit.

It’s here, another holiday season

When this time of year comes it brings many good memories of the ol’ home town, Marshall, MO.  Kind of looks like an old west town doesn’t it?  I assure you there is a bunch of history around there.  I better stay focused or I will stray into a bunch of rambling here.

Marshall, MO



Happy Thanksgiving.

With our FT lifestyle and our kids spread around the country, we rely on Skype, Text messaging and email to keep in touch.  Can’t be in 6 states at the same time and with their busy schedules at this time in their lives, impossible for them to get into one place at the same time also.  What do we do?  Travel and make the most of when we do get together on those times we plan a destination that gets us close.  Reminder to me – Again, stay focused and do not ramble.   On Thanksgiving day, we had a great get together hosted by the family that owns Riverbend Hot Springs.  If I have not said it before I will say it now, these folks are a great bunch and we feel really fortunate to have come across the opportunity to be here now and get to know them.  If you are passing TorC on I25 and do not stop in for a stay or a soak, it is your loss.  For all of you RVers out there, keep in mind the RV spots with Full Hook Ups, it is a deal you will not be able to beat and well worth a night or two soaking in the springs and sleeping in your own bed while on your way.  Remember to call ahead to check availability, for now you may not reserve an RV site.  Although it would be rare to not be able to get a spot, it can happen so call ahead.

Back to work we go

Back to work with the three days now passed in a flash.  Wow this was the busiest day so far.  Tomorrow will have us getting back to a bit more ‘normal’ pace and tomorrow will be our Wednesday!! man these three day on and three day off schedules are great.  I think we will be heading to Billy the Kid country very soon, can’t wait.

So we get home tonight and I am filling the water tank & dumping grey and black water.  Who comes out to welcome me home?



She is starting to show more of her ‘real’ self now that we have been together for close to a month.  Just getting better all the time.  A great pup.

Our belly’s are full and the season is jolly, we are thankful

We feel fortunate to be where we are and that things are working better than planned.  We recently found that some of our kids are making plans to relocate which will result in more scattering and less consolidation.  Sounds like we may have children and grand children in the following states in the near future;  MO, KS, CO, AZ and CA.  Good thing we are mobile!!!

Reading blogs I follow, I say it is a mixed bag.  I see some folks getting a curve ball thrown here and there and am inspired by their resilience.  There are some that have gotten great news about medical issues that had been clouds hanging over their heads.  To all of our ‘friends’ and fellow full time bloggers, thank you for taking me along over the past few years and giving me the inspiration to chase this dream to reality.  Have a great holiday season.  Hope our paths cross someday and I get the chance to shake your hand and say thanks in person.  There are others who are just starting their journey, keep it between the lines and savor everyday, it just keeps getting better.  I think I see rambling starting up, I better stop now.  Tends to happen to me this time of year.

Remember, TurnWhenTheRoadDoes and HAPPY HOLIDAYS