A recent automatic update brought to us by our friends at Microsoft left my computer un-usable.  So after resetting the laptop to out of the box condition, I have been forced to spend many of the last 72 hours re-installing all the software.  A real pain for sure.

Stephanie and Kayleigh stop for a day on the way to Tucson.

They left St. Louis in the middle of that Arctic Vortex and drove a snow packed I-44 till just past Joplin, MO.  I checked her progress via MODOT web cams a number of times that first day.

 20140107_134227_thumb.jpg  20140107_134254_thumb.jpg

It was really cool, I could check with her for mile markers she was passing and see her go by in the appropriate highway web cam.  Kind of creepy and kind of cool too.

Kayleigh hanging out and getting to know Lily

20140110_115255_thumb.jpg20140109_110358.jpg 20140109_232134.jpg

Took them to the Chloride Ghost Town


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With one day to visit and show them stuff, we went to close by Chloride and saw the Pioneer Store Museum and Ghost Town.  Grabbed some grub at the Chloride Bank Café.  It was a cold breezy day but we had a a super time and lunch was really good.  We soaked in the Hot Springs a few times during their stay.

Lily gets a new DOO and Toby gets a pedicure

Holidays are over, company is gone, back to the business of life stuff.  We headed to Las Cruces to a groomer for Lily.  We lost a whole dog to those clippers


She looks like a new dog.



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It seemed to be the thing to do, cut it close and get a fresh start.  Good choice she was matted and we were not using the right brushes.  The Groomer was super, she showed us hot to use the clippers and did a great job of teaching us.  We have ordered the right stuff and next time we will be ready to trim her up.  If you are rolling past Las Cruces and need a pet salon, keep Kat’s Pampered Pups in mind.  You will not be disappointed.

While we were there Toby decided he needed to get his nails done also.


He always gets a LONG face when his nails are being trimmed.


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So we are now getting ready to move on.  Less than two weeks and we will be just south of Tombstone!  It is hard to believe we rolled into T or C the first of Oct and it is already the end of January and time to go.  We really like it here and Jake has said we can come back in the future, just call.  I’m sure we will do that.  Riverbend Hot Springs is a great place to be.  Jake and his family are really super nice folks, new friends and we look forward to seeing them again.  I-25 is one of the primary migration routes for us Full Timers and I know we will not be able to pass by with out stopping.  But we still have a bunch of this country to see so who knows…

Till next time, stay warm, safe travels and se you in AZ.  Remember, Turn When The Road Does.