Just can not believe how well things can work out when that is what you expect to happen.  Life is great, except it is now time to move on.  Yep we have nearly completed our first commitment to a privately owned business that uses the help of full time RVers.  We met a number of new friends here (too many to post) and we look forward to seeing you all somewhere down the road or back here in TorC.  This has been a super experience and we will very likely be back sometime in the future.  Here are a few shots of the place for posterity.

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Our pal Minnow, office manager @ Riverbend.

You can see many more pictures of Riverbend here.

So our last few days off we headed over to Hatch for some Chiles and grub at Sparky’s a renowned burger and BBQ shack.

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Rhonda was trying to get tips on the best things on the menu from a couple of ‘regulars’ at Sparky’s but they were not talkin’.  Rhonda always makes new friends where ever we go!  Sparky’s did not let us down the food was excellent.  Sorry no pictures, it was late, I was hungry and I forgot!

A second trip to Hatch and very glad we did round 2.

A few days later we went back to Hatch for round TWO.  Before the late lunch we stopped at Gilly’s Chiles.


This is Gilbert Pino the owner of Gilly’s and the maker of some very fine salsa and other stuff.  Gilbert told us all about how he slow cooks the Chile on an old time wood cooking stove.  He opened a few jars as samples and brought out some chips and we ate some really good fresh salsa.  By the time we left Gilbert had given us more samples of stuff than what we had actually purchased.  He is a great guy and I highly recommend a stop there if you are just south of TorC or north of Las Cruces on I-25.  I included a picture of his card and contact info, he ships all over the world.  Oh, be sure to see the picture of the Business License signed by Wyatt Earp in 1876.


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When we are leaving the area Saturday we will be pulling into Hatch and Gilly’s for more and to say good-bye to another new friend, Gilbert Pino.

Time for lunch…

So this was the second trip to Hatch, the plan was Gilly’s and Sparky’s but Sparky’s was closed on Tues and Wed and it was Tues!  We drove the streets and decided on a Mexican Restaurant that had the look of ‘damn good’.  We were right, it was.


Malena’s Restaurant was a great find, Rhonda had a HUGE Shrimp Cocktail (loaded with Shrimp) and it was the SMALL order on the menu!  She also had a green Chile burrito but the Shrimp cocktail was a meal it’s self.

20140122_160512.jpg 20140122_160517_thumb.jpg

I had a Chimichanga that was very good.  Shredded beef and a cheesy cream sauce.  I’ll say it again, it was very good.


Be sure to stop in Hatch, NM you will find some great stuff.  Very agricultural and Pecans are one of the big crops also.

Planning our Route

So we are planning our route and a couple of stops on the way to Patagonia Lake/Sonoita Creek Nature Area.  A few days ago Ingrid, over at the Live Laugh RV blog told us about The City of Rocks SP in NM.  We will be overnighting there on our way for sure.  Thanks Ingrid.  On down the road is Kartchner Caverns SP, wee will be overnighting and probably taking a cave tour there the second travel day.  Kartchner is a very short distance from our destination so our plan is a short travel day followed by a long travel day and an easy run day three for our arrival.  We refuse to pay the reservation fee imposed on the state and federal reservation systems and prefer to take our chances.  Stay tuned for a recap on how that works out for us, so far we have not had a problem and when we had to find an alternative it was not a problem, we roll with the flow.


Preparing for take off.

Till next time, remember TurnWhenTheRoadDoes.