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On Leaving Truth or Consequences
The sun comes up over Turtleback Mountain.
It happens every day.
I won’t be here to see it though,
The time has come, we have to go,
But part of me will stay.
Each place we live for even a short time
Becomes part of me it seems.
I take a bit and leave a bit,
I don’t know how and can’t plan for it.
It’s part of living our dreams.
We now say good-bye to Riverbend Hot Springs
And the sweet town of T or C.
I think we will come back some day.
I hope we will I guess I’ll say,
Cause what will be, will be.
I’m sure the place will be different then.
Places change and grow.
The people we’ve met while we’ve been here,
I’m sure we’ll cherish and always hold dear
And hope we continue to know.
Back on the road, we head out again,
Just as we’ve done before.
I won’t forget the people and places.
I’ve loved it all – the scenes and the faces –
Beautiful memories I’ll store.