Well folks, seems like what I have read and heard is true.  I ordered the Hot Spot from Millenicom and Verizon does have good coverage out here in the west (the boonies).  The 75 ohm Yagi antenna and the Wilson Sleek Cradle make it great or at least better, (for now GREAT).20140223_085707.jpg

Millenicom’s hot spot plan, (VERIZON) is a great deal, 20GB per month at a cost of $69.99.  I will say that where we are now, if I did not have the WILSON antenna/booster I would still not be happy, but voila, it shows four bars and is FAST.  The hot spot out of the cradle is barley one bar.  Not this beats the hell out of Sprint.  The booster will kick up the 2G / Voice quite well on Sprint but the data side is worthless.  Sprint just does not have the coverage out here.  So far I feel and still do, that the combo of Sprint for voice and Verzon for data is a good way to go.  Sprint has the unlimited data on the phone deal and with the right kind of phone and app that can really work to your advantage.image.png

I am very happy with what I see so far.  I have once again called on Mick, a friend of RV Sue’s, for some Tech help with connections for the BEST set up using the Yagi Antenna etc.  I also plan to read up on the advice in this great review by Chris and Cherie over at Technomadia.

So that is it for now.  I took a long time to decide to commit to the monthly cost mostly because I hate to pay for something that under performs and did not want to go there.  I believe I way over ANXIED about it but the up shot is I did get a great solution for signal boosting and it will work for both phone and data.

Tomorrow I will be back on line with a vengeance.  Tonight I am going to have some Jim Beam, walk the ‘kids’ with Rhonda and bask in the warm glow of knowing I can get on line, kind of like ‘normal’ again.

Till next time, remember, TurnWhenTheRoadDoes


The antenna is the 75 ohm Yagi as shown below.  I used an extendable fiberglass painters pole for the mast.image.png

Wilson Electronics 859955 Converter 75 Ohm to 50 Ohm (859955)

Wilson Electronics 859955

from the 50 ohm side I am using N Male to FME Female Connector RF Adapter

which connects to the cable for the Hot Spot.  None of the suppliers, Wilson, Millenicom etc were very helpful with the set up.  I was guided by a friend of RV Sue’s named Mick.  Anyone who needs help with their particular configuration let me know and I can assist you in getting in touch with Mick.