You see some very cool rigs out here.  A VW bus club came to the lake to camp the other night.  Some real neat retro rigs for sure.

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Then these two go anywhere rigs showed up.  I heard they were from Switzerland and the rigs were very unique.  Someone said they have systems on board to turn the grey water into drinking water!  We see them more often than I would have thought.  They are shipped here and back in a container, amazing.

A group of us volunteers took a trip to the Ghost Town, RUBY.

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The road getting there was fun and surrounded in beautiful scenery.  The pictures simply do not do justice to what the surroundings are.  One side is straight down and seems bottomless.  The road is only one lane wide in some places and switchbacks are tight.  No guard rail either.  Not too difficult and 4WD not required.  Just 15 or so miles of gravel road.  Conditions can change out here so check before you go.

Ruby, AZ town map and some history (double click any image to enlarge)

Ruby-Map_Page_1.jpg Ruby-Map_Page_2.jpg

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Ruby was a mining town.  Copper, zinc, gold, lead and silver was extracted from the hills.  Over the productive years, a LOT of it was extracted.  The town dates back to the turn of the century and the mining operations were productive till the mid 1900’s.

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Many buildings remain and there is a caretaker on site 24/7.  When you walk around the old buildings and follow the map of the town, you get a real sense of how life would have been here.  It would not be anything to compare with our toughest jobs today, it would have been much more tough.

IMG_2633_thumb.jpg IMG_2634.jpgIMG_2635.jpg IMG_2636.jpgIMG_2640_thumb.jpg IMG_2641_thumb.jpg

The buildings and artifacts tell a great story.  It is amazing the adobe brick, nothing more than gravel, mud and hay formed and dried in the sun can last as long as it does.

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When we left Ruby. the group headed to Sweet Peas Café.  We had a great lunch and really enjoyed hanging out.

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I could not resist getting a picture of this huge dead tree on our way back.  A few hours later we were treated to another beautiful AZ sunset.

Life is great, doesn’t get much better ‘n this.