Been a busy place around here.  Bisbee is a place we heard a lot about and decided to go that way last week to check it out.  Funny thing is on the first day we were going to head that way, it was 10:00AM when we talked about it and decided to get up early the next day and go.  We got up early alright, but we did not leave for Bisbee till around 10:00AM.  Just the way things tend to go when you don’t really have to be in a rush.


The old mining town of Bisbee.


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We went to the museum which was very extensive and very interesting.  Could have spent a whole day there.  One floor was focused on mining history and the other had much more about life in Bisbee during the heyday of the mining boom.  The copper mines were very rich in this location.  Operations began in the late 1800’s and continued until the mid 1970’s.  Bisbee is another fascinating place to see around these parts.  Today there are a variety of restaurants and shops that help keep things going and Most of the residential and commercial buildings are original.image.png   The day came to an end and we were back at the camp watching another AZ sunset.  Had a great time in Bisbee.  We would go back.

The ‘kids’ took us to Mt. LemmonIMG_2691.jpg

The air is thin at 10,000 ft

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It is an awesome drive to Mt. Lemmon.  The road is 29 miles uphill to the top.  It seems like you will be leaving everything that is familiar at times and you do enter another world as the top gets nearer.  The ascent begins in the desert!  (imagine that) and there are thousands of Saguaros for the first few miles.  The scenery begins to change to some low growing scrub for a short while and then all of a sudden it is like you are in Colorado or Canada.  The tall pines are everywhere.  There are a number of small pull outs with great vantage points to look at the city of Tucson WAY below.

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Near the top there are some shops and eateries.  The kids had been here before and suggested the Cookie Cabin.  The Pizza was great and a good value.  The cabins were pretty awesome, many looked like they were built where you can not build!

The day we went to Mt. Lemmon turned out to be a very windy day.  It is cold at 10,000 ft and the wind of course compounded that.  Also the thin air leaves me somewhat dizzy and while I hated to go down, I was ready when we did.  It takes a few days for some of us to acclimate.  All in all it was a great time and we were really glad to have some good times with the bunch.  Stacey, Jason, Alex, Eli, Stephanie and Kayleigh.  Thanks for a great day and we will see you all again real soon.