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Thursdays are typically a slower pace in the VC than our our Saturdays so I took the camera (Canon SX 40) with me today.


View the album HERE then click any picture for slide show.

I have been playing around with the camera a bit more lately and trying to shoot some good bird shots.  There is a definite challenge in getting a good bird shot and I think requires 5 or 10 to one for getting a really good picture.  I am not a golfer but I can see how, as they say, one good shot every once in a while keeps you coming back.  I am still trying for the first good shot.

There is a write board just inside the VC where sightings of various birds and other critters is recorded.  This is a resource referred to by the birders almost daily.  Interesting to note that some of the most recent sightings go back a few years.image.png image.png

Well here is a sampling, I bet you thought I REALLY took the pictures of the Mountain Lion, gotcha!  I did take a picture of the pictures of the Mountain Lion!  The last sighting was this past December in case you have not noticed that detail yet.  I have been watching often in the area he was seen, no luck yet.image_thumb.png IMG_2779_thumb.jpg

There are some bloggers / RV-ers out there that are quite talented with their shooting, check out Al at Travel with the Bayfield Bunch or Ingrid over at Live Laugh RV.  They set the bar and occasionally provide some great insight on how they do it as well.  Anyway here are two bird shots that barely make the grade but are the best of todays attempt.


View the album HERE then click any picture for slide show.

While waiting for good opportunities for bird shots I played with other subjects and most of those are a bit easier to work with than the fidgety birds.image.png

We had a happy hour a few weeks ago and these two guys did hang around for a long time.  Unlike most of the birds I tried to shoot today, their demeanor was slow and they exuded an abundance of patience.  It was a bit un-nerving and I began to wonder if anyone in our group was feeling ill, these guys hung around for more than an hour waiting for something or someone to drop!

Well everyone there did get home and wake up the next day as far as I heard, Hope these vultures were not too disappointed.

Just another day at work in the VC.