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Wow, we woke up today and realized it is about time to go.  We only have 23 more days left here and we still have things on our must do list.  Better get busy.

First up, Fellow Bloggers and full timers Bill & Cap over at Views From The Open Road recently emailed us and we have a get together planned for tomorrow.  The plan is for lunch in Patagonia and a tour of the Patagonia Lake State Park here after that.  Really looking forward to meeting them and learning first hand about their love of Yellowstone.  They have been full time for over 9 years, it will be good to learn some things from them too.

Next on the list is a visit and weekend campout here by some of the kids and grands, the same crew that took us to Mt. Lemmon.  Stacey, Jason, Eli, Alex, Stephanie and Kayleigh.  Stephanie has now finished her 10 week internship and says she is looking forward to a few days of R&R before the intensive job search.  We hope she decides to stay a few extra days, we’ll see.

After that we have a plan to meet with my stepfather, Kermit who lives in Tucson.  He has had a very busy schedule and finally has an opening for us to get together.  Looking forward to seeing him and catching up.

So you can see how 23 days is not a lot of time and it flies by but the next 23 days will be immensely fun and before we know it… poof it will really be time to lift the jacks and start our migration north.


View the album HERE then click any picture for slide show.

The change in our intentions/preferences, to workamping from one to four months in a location is really proving to be a great (for us) way to roll.  The trip from here to Colorado should be a good variation on that though, we have a month to get there.  After much consideration of which route to take, we are leaning toward an eastern trek to Carlsbad, then north to Roswell, Ft. Sumner and on to Santa Fe.  Up I-25 to Cheyenne west to Laramie then south to our destination at Green Ridge Campground in CO.  There will be a number of sights to see along the way and just to mention a few that we are planning,
Carlsbad Caverns, Roswell, NM and Fort Sumner.

Since we have a month to get to our destination and Colorado may still have snow even then, we are taking our time.  There may be some dry camping on BLM land along the way and a number of other attractions like the Royal Gorge and others.  A stay at the COE Cochiti Lake is a must, Rhonda missed that last July when we were headed to Palatki.

So the remainder of our time here will be action packed and fun filled.  The trip to Colorado will be the same.  The adventure continues and is always providing new places and experiences to look forward to.  So stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted as we cross the next horizon.

Having a blast, living the dream.