Spotted this turtle the other day on the upper (east) end of the lake.IMG_2711.jpg

I just realized I made a OOPS in the last post.  I said we were going to Grandview Campground in CO.  That should have been Green Ridge Campground, don’t even know if there is a Grandview Campground, sorry!!

It’s not just the start of a new week, it’s the start of new friendships too.image.png

Monday rolled around and as planned we headed into Patagonia to meet
Bill & Cap.  We have been following their blog for a few years and it was for sure a fun filled day we spent getting to know them.  We have a number of things in common and turns out Bill & I think a lot alike on a lot of stuff.  I did get some great pointers and insights on a couple of rig enhancements for the future.  It was very interesting to hear of some of their experiences in Yellowstone and that whetted our appetite for a visit there in the future.  They spend the summer working in Yellowstone and this winter took a trip back to see it when it is snow covered.  Check out their trip here.

Anyway, we had lunch at one of the many good restaurants, Rhonda’s FAV, Gathering Grounds in Patagonia.

IMG_2974.jpg 1-IMG_2975-Copy.jpg

After lunch we took them on a tour of Patagonia (that took about 2 minutes) because Rhonda had forgotten her ring at the Library earlier and they were holding it at the desk for her!  Whew, good thing we are not in a big city, that thing would have been gone in a heart beat.

Then it was back to the park for a tour of the lake.  Bill & Cap said they have driven past this area but never stopped so we fixed that today.image_thumb.png

We had arranged to use the boat for a private tour of the lake.  The boat does not typically go out on Mondays so scheduling was not a problem.  We did a leisurely cruise around the perimeter of the lake.image.png

Ruddy Ducks, notice the blue bills, that is an indication of how cold the water still is (KIDDING).

We did see some birds although none of the four of us are avid birders.  There is a noticeable change in the variety and the population now compared to a few weeks ago.  The migration continues and like us RVers, many of the birds have begun heading north.


View album HERE then click any picture for slide show.

Finally got a picture of a bird eating something.  This Cormorant went swimming past the front of the boat as we were entering the mouth of the harbor.  Bill and I said the same thing, his posture had us thinking it was the smallest Pelican we had ever seen!  His head and neck were really tucked in tight as he made is way to the rock sticking out of the water, then he was able to rest, the fish he had caught may have been a bit of a load for him to handle.  An American Coot soon came by and from his posture (funny) it looked like he was begging for a small piece of the catch.

After the boat tour we headed back to the 5er and finished our day visiting and snacking on some of that Gilly’s Hatch Valley Chile and chips.  Before we knew it time had slipped to after 4:00PM, WOW and Bill & Cathy had to hit the road back to Benson.

Cathy is a manager for Xanterra in Yellowstone and for anyone out there who may be interested in a gig in the mother of all parks, here is a post
(HELP WANTED) from her a few weeks ago.

So here we are, next on the short list is a visit from the kids this next weekend.  They will be here camped out and Steph & Kayleigh will stay Monday & Tues.  More fun ahead, then a visit with Kermit and we will be heading out.  Starting to get Hitch Itch so it will be good timing when we do roll.

Again, Bill & Cap, it was great to meet you and we had a great day.  Be seeing you again down the road.

Down in Nogales, spotted this guy sitting on the bedside of the truck.

20140324_165351_thumb.jpg 20140324_165519.jpg20140324_165449.jpg

I think he got embarrassed when he saw me taking his picture and jumped down into the bed of the truck.  He sure was good at being balanced on the bed side.

Remember, TurnWhenTheRoadDoes