This is probably the shortest Blog post I will ever write.

I use a high dollar synthetic oil on the truck and had planned to go 15,000 miles between changes with a filter change every 5,000 – but I chickened out!!

I am back to 10,000 with a filter change at every 5,000.  So where do I get it done?  I am always apprehensive about finding honest & reliable service out here.  After a few calls to locate the oil, I was referred to Albert’s.

I give these guys 5 stars. *****  Everything was checked, brakes, all fluids, tires, front end, rear end, batteries, everything.  They showed me everything they did and everything they checked.  I will be looking them up when I am in Tucson next time and I highly recommend.


20140407_115309.jpg 20140407_114337.jpg

They did everything they said they would do and no surprises or bait and switch games.  I know the condition of most major components on the truck, hell I should I paid for a lot of new parts before we started this adventure.  But that was 20,000 miles ago.  So keeping tabs on the condition of those parts is a concern and something I need to do.  These guys were great at helping me with that.  It sure is good knowing the truck is ready for the pull to Colorado.  I got so much more than just an oil change from these great guys at Albert’s.

Thanks guys, see you again when I am in Tucson.