But not by me.image_thumb.png

At the east end of the campground is the birding trail, a 1.3 mile one way hike.  Along the trail is Senoita Creek and the area has some pretty dense vegetation.

About 1:30 today there were a bunch of folks coming into the VC reporting a cougar sighting on the birding trail.  A few had reported getting pictures.  Fortunately someone did come in, (Kendra thank you) and agreed to email this pic to me so I could post it.  Doesn’t he look like a magnificent beast?  They said he was only about 30 YDS from the trail and some people went past and never saw him.  (no surprise)

Here is the original  pic un cropped.  The lady (Kendra) said she used her I Phone and a pair of binoculars!


Since he does not look hungry, I sure wish I had been there with my camera.