As you know we are headed to Colorado for the summer.  We’ll be camp Hosts, working for AL&L (American Land and Leisure).  Our volunteer position at Patagonia Lake / Sonoita Creek State Nature Center has ended and we are slowly headed north.  Since we have a full 30 days to get there the trip should be a fun and interesting one.  Here we go with a recap of the first two travel days.20140414_090549_thumb.jpg

The slides are in and we are ready to pull away from our site at Patagonia Lake.  I’m sure the maintenance crew with Patagonia Lake State Park will be glad when we and all the rest of the Sonoita Creek Nature Center volunteers are gone, they project an attitude of annoyance when we cross paths, weird for sure but that is how it is.

A few shots of the day before.


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So with great memories and new friends made, we now look forward to the next segment of our journey.

We rolled to I-10 through the familiar landscapes surrounding Patagonia, Senoita, then Kartchner Caverns.  It was shortly afterward that the migration of snow birds became quite evident as we passed a few of the rest stops along the first few miles.20140414_135901.jpg

Many of these road pics are with the phone through the windows…

A couple of sail boats, BIG sail boats were going to new home ports, I got a pic of this one headed east but missed the larger one that went past going west.


Our trip was quite uneventful, just the way you want it.  The miles passed by and before long we had covered the first leg of our journey.  We pulled into the Rest Stop at MM 53 Eastbound just outside of Deming, NM.


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The rest stop has plenty of room, covered picnic tables, and wide open views of beautiful country.  Mountains in every direction and you can imagine what it would have felt like in the mid 1800’s being alone in such a wide expanse of country, vulnerable comes to mind, but then free does also.


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This is also the land of Rail Roads, there are sure some long, long trains out here.


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We had a great nights sleep, Rhonda said the trains were a bit loud, but I slept right through it.  As Ingrid pointed out, we were on the ‘right side of the tracks’.  The westbound rest stop is right next to the rails.

It is daybreak and time for coffee.  After the morning routine it was time to roll.  The route had us going through Las Cruces then El Paso, both familiar to us from being at Tor C last winter.  There is a robust farming economy around here, lots of orchards and feed lots.

20140415_115127.jpg 20140415_115811.jpg

I was not looking forward to the El Paso traffic.20140415_125215_thumb.jpg

This was mild compared to I-10.  Along this stretch there were bunches of lighted intersections, too many.  Those caught us too many times and we were start stop on the US 180 corridor through El Paso.  Seemed like we would never get back to open space again.

We finally made it back to open country and up to speed, headed to Guadelupe Pass.


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The climb up to the summit was typical, SLOW.  Learning the truck a bit more as we encounter more of these.  We may not be the fastest at the up hill grade but she did it and the exhaust brake proved to be a good addition when we got to the other side.  Whew, glad that one is behind us.


The dogs seem to get into the traveling mode and enjoy the ride.  The drone of the diesel gets Toby into a hypnotic state and he sleeps most of the time.

20140415_182432.jpg 20140415_182346.jpg20140415_175547.jpg 20140415_175511.jpg

At our destination, Brantley Lake SP we have a large pull through, electric and water and a great view of the lake.  There is the largest camping tent I have ever seen a few spaces behind us.

So that was the first two travel days, our plan is to be here in the area for a while.  Today we are checking out some things in the area and getting ready for a long boondock in the desert.

What’s ahead? Carlsbad Caverns, The Riverwalk, Boondocking on BLM ground and some yet to be discovered adventures I’m sure.  We may be remote for a few days without coverage but will post updates as frequently as possible.

Remember, TurnWhenTheRoadDoes