We rolled through Carlsbad and ended our second travel day at Brantley Lake State Park.

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The climb up the short Guadalupe Pass was a struggle for the truck, she was headed toward overheating and we could only get 15 to 20 MPH.  The Temp Gauge was rapidly heading toward the redline twice and we had to pull over and let her cool and no that did not mean we shut her down, we kept it running and pulling cooler air into and through the engine.

Now this level of performance is not what this truck should be delivering and even I knew that.  The last and only really hard climb we have done with her was up I-17 to Flagstaff from Cottonwood.  We overheated big time and that pull spooked me.  I have had mild anxiety since then about what the next steep grade would be like.  I found out and it is time for action.

Carlsbad, NM

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I started doing some research here at the camp, we have a very solid 4G signal and man I am using it.

We planned some activities that included a drive by on the dry camp BLM spot to be sure we could get into it and we can WooHoo!!  When we did get into town the next day I was so preoccupied with what I had learned and was starting to understand along with processing what to do next and where to do it that I did not take a lot of pictures and even got a street sign in the pic of a really cool old locomotive on display in town.  I could have avoided that.

When I bought the truck it came with a Superchips.


Now I’m no gearhead and when it comes to Diesel technology, I have a LOT to learn.  I am now learning but still a bunch to know and understand.

The previous owner told me the truck was set back to factory specs and hearing that, I never gave it a second thought.  Never hooked it up to check to be sure, (my bad).  Turns out the settings were for Extreme, what ever that means.  As it was explained to me the setting really leans out the air/fuel mix and that results in the engine running hotter under a heavy load, something you do not want.  So far so good that checks, it was.

At this point and to keep this dissertation from becoming a book, here is where I am now.

Changed the program back to factory.  Replaced the factory 195 degree thermostat with one set at 180 degrees.  Made the decision to have an Edge Evolution CTS programmer installed.

From what I have seen and been told, this unit will provide a bunch of critical info on most everything going on under the hood.  By it’s self that is worth the cost compared to buying and having installed all the gauges this will deliver.  And I did not say this simply plugs into the same port used for diagnostics so installation is really nothing.

In addition to all the real time info on transmission, engine, exhaust, turbo etc., there are six programs of course one for towing.  Not sure why one would need six but what the heck.  To put it into towing mode, you simply select towing on the touch screen, now I don’t think even I could screw that up.

So we extended our stay at Brantley Lake till tomorrow while I got all this figured out.  The shop I have been working with is about 25 miles north.  The boondock spot is about 25 miles south.  The plan is to head to the boonies tomorrow and stay a while, first was going to be 10 days and may still be.  The issue now it the Edge controller needs an update that requires tech support and Edge was closed today for the holiday.  When I get the call that it has been resolved and updated, we will make a plan.  I think we will stay at the dry camp and stop to get the programmer on the way to Roswell maybe in about 10 days.  I need to chill out.

We did go to Carlsbad Caverns and the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens between all this truck stuff.  That will be the next post.

So for now we are good.  I will know more about the status of the Edge sometime next week, we will be zoned out and try to immerse into the quiet of that great BLM camp, it is just great, not spectacular like many I see others finding but it is our first real dry camp with this rig, (I may show one from days gone by and another rig soon).  So if our signal is not good at the BLM site (forgot to check that too) for the next few, stay tuned, keep the faith, we will be back.

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