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BLM camp on Dark Canyon Rd. GPS 32.290279, -104.348104

Well it has been a great stay here, had only about three afternoons when it kind of got a bit warm but that only lasted a couple of hours.  Heck one day it was in the mid 60s all day, down right cold.

We found this on this web site.  Check it out, quite a good resource for sure.

During our 10 day stay, a few other campers came and went.  The area has plenty of room for 5 or 6 40’ motorhomes so it never was crowded.  Everyone kept distance and stayed quiet.  There is the occasional truck or two that passes on Dark Canyon Road but that traffic is very minimal.  The cattle roam in and out of view and Toby gets worried, they are BIG dogs dad, is what he seems to be saying with a look he gives me.  So I have to admit, we have enjoyed the solitude and carefree feeling of being out here.  I read a couple of books and did quite a bit of additional on line research on the trucks performance.  We have a few mods now scheduled for installation in Fort Collins when we get there.  The fella that had looked at things close to Carlsbad turned out to not be as qualified as it first seemed.  More on the truck in a future post.



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Lily got a trim, Toby was constantly keeping an eye out for mad cows.  We did quite well on our water supply surprisingly.  The 25 gal fresh water tank was filled and ready to go into the tank in the 5er but it looks like we will not be needing it.


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We ran the generator for a couple hours each morning and the 4 – 6 volt Gel Batteries never let us down.  The small (350 watt) inverter was used to keep the computer and phones charged and to run my C Pap at night.  Starting to think about the solar additions but we’ll see.  We know we will not need it till next spring if then. It sure would be convenient though when we do this boondocking if we gravitate toward more of it after next winter.

Saturday the plan changes

Woke to a calm day, typical blue sky and sunshine.  After coffee and a light breakfast, I dumped the 25 GAL of ‘extra’ fresh water and took the grey water to a close by dump station.  After lunch the breeze starts to pick up a bit with a few strong gusts.  We fired up the ‘command center’ (computers and hot spot) to take care of some business, before long I started poking around and checking what I should have checked first thing this morning.  The weather forecast, it looks like strong winds the rest of today but very strong winds all day tomorrow.  Our departure from this boondock will be delayed by at least a day if this holds true.  Oh well, we can be flexible, right.  Wish I had waited to dump the cushion of fresh water.

Looks like we will be checking the weather first thing in the morning.  Most likely hanging out another day though.

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