Here we are at the BLM site just before pulling in the slides, everything is packed and we are ready to go.  Wind forecast is for the big blow to start around noon to 1:00PM in Roswell.  We left the Dark Canyon Rd. camp around 9:30AM.


The northbound trip through Artesia, NM to Roswell was approximately 102 miles by the time we pulled into Bottomless Lakes SP.  The route, US 285 is a good four lane divided highway.  The forecast was right, we drove the last few miles with substantial wind.  I was sure glad when we got to Bottomless Lakes SP and our site.  The wind persisted through the night but by morning things had calmed quite a bit.

Our camp at Bottomless Lakes SP.


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Bottomless Lakes was a great place to stop for two nights.  We filled the tanks and took long showers.  There are a number of lakes here and the one closest to the FHU campground looks like it is quite a waterhole for summer fun.  Life guards, a huge beach area and building with lots of shade right at the beach.  I’m sure it is a different world here after Memorial Day.

After a good nights sleep, we ran back into Roswell and yes we did have a close encounter.image.png


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A must see, especially since it is only $5.oo ea, was the UFO Museum & Research Center.  While much of what is here has ben shown on countless TV documentaries and a bunch more outlets, there is more and it is interesting.  After all this is the neighborhood where it happened in 1947.  You really could spend a whole day here taking it all in and the price of admission allows for that.  You get a sticker and can come and go as long as you have the sticker.

After a good dose of the UFO subject matter we turned our attention to some other local history.

We drove a few blocks to the Historical Center for Southeast New Mexico Museum which was the former residence of Mr. and Mrs. James Phelps White.

image_thumb.png 20140429_143207.jpg


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The home it’s self is fascinating, construction began in 1910 and completed in 1912.  Mrs. White lived in the house until her death at the age of 92 in 1972.  The architecture is called Prairie Style or Schooner Style and was developed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the early 1900’s.  Many Light fixtures were both Gas and Electric and remain.  Much of the furnishings are original and belonged to the Whites.  A significant display of antique items that were modern conveniences through out the early 20th century are on display.  It was quite an interesting stop and I would highly recommend it.

So that is a recap of a quick visit to Roswell.  This is a place that for us was a ‘must go’ if just to say we were there, kind of place.  The subject of UFOs is compelling and I for sure would not be surprised to find out it is all true.  It sure makes you think when you’re looking up at the night sky.

Tomorrow we cover another 100 +/- miles and end at… yep another DRY CAMP if it looks good.  The plan is to spend three days there and take in Fort Sumner.  More Billy the Kid & Pat Garrett history, can’t wait.

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