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After three nights at the Dry camp Bosque Redondo it was time to continue north and leave Fort Sumner in the rear view.  I am glad we did both Roswell and Fort Sumner and was thinking today as we motored down the road if we would ever be back to either place.  The answer is, well maybe.  Both Roswell and Fort Sumner could be along a future route from any number of places in Texas.  Both offered great places to camp along the way, one free and one paid.  State parks in New Mexico are a good value for sure.  Regardless, we now know what to expect from the roads and they too were good.image.png

Cowboys looking for stray cattle.

Leaving Fort Sumner we headed north on US 84.  By the way if you see the railroad overpass on the north side of Fort Sumner on US 84 on any reference for low clearances stating the clearance is anything under 15’10”, the reference is out of date.image.png

Low clearance no more, overpass was updated in 1999

So we took US 84 north to I-40 west to US 285 north then west on I-25 through Santa Fe and on to the COE Cochiti Lake Campground.  Not a bad day at all, just under 200 miles.

image_thumb.png image.png

Mountains are back in view, some are snow capped!!

Most of todays pictures are through the windshield and from my Android.  Sorry for the poor quality shots but you get the idea.

So we arrived late afternoon and after getting set up on our site I set up the computer and turned on the Millenicom Hot Spot.  Great 4G signal and again no need to get out the antenna.  We have had great coverage all along the way so far and no need for the antenna is a good thing, less to pack/unpack when we are only in the spot for a night or two.

Well anyway, Karen and Al emailed just after I opened the lap top and had the WI FI up.  We are getting together tomorrow to go tour around old town Santa Fe and have lunch.  It will be an additional treat to see their new house and be able to meet Honey, their recently rescued Golden Retriever mix.  The last time we saw them was back in December 2012, at Green River Lake SP in Campbellsville, KY just before their last shift at Amazon that season.

The very next email was from Bobbie Chapman over at Chappy Trails.  I came across Jim and Bobbie back before we became FT and it caught my eye that they were then Gate Guarding in south Texas in the Oil Patch.  Prior to that they had worked for Amazon in a couple of locations (seasons).  Their attitude and fun loving spirit seems to be quite contagious and they are always doing something fun where ever they go.  Well we are planning to stop by and stay a couple of days to hang out with them.  We should get there (near Alamosa, CO) sometime Monday.  It will be fun getting together with them I am sure.  Bobbie, I just sent an email reply, see you soon.

20140503_163928.jpg 20140503_164232.jpg

Back to Cochiti Lake: we tooled around the campground and down to the boat ramp.  Saw this guy in a Nissan truck getting ready to yank the boat out and had to watch the show.  Well it worked, I was kind of surprised that the little truck did the job so well.  There are a great number of these with masts up, dry docked about a mile from the ramp just outside the park.  Some are surprisingly large boats.

Well that is the story from here, our last camp in New Mexico for a while.  We are hopeful of being back at Riverbend Hot Springs next Feb. thru Apr. but that is a ways off and we’ll see.  We will pounce on it if Jake emails and says he needs to fill a 3 month slot then.  (hint hint, if you are reading this Jake)

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