Met Al and Karen at the Horseman’s Haven Café.  The food was great and we were starved.  Bobbie Chapman recommended this stop and it turned out to be everything she had said.  They were very busy and even though I had asked the waiter for a sample of the hottest sauce they had, he forgot and I let it pass.  We were busy getting caught up with Al and Karen and I did not do a great job of getting pictures but the food was great.image_thumb.pngimage.png

I’ll let Bobbie tell you all about it here, she always has a good review of some good places to eat anyway.

After lunch we headed to Old Town Santa Fe and of course stopped at the Loretto Chapel to see the Miraculous Staircase.  Our timing was not as good as when Al and Ingrid over at Live Laugh RV were there, the place was very busy.  I still tried to get a few good pictures, took one of a model they had as you enter the chapel and a picture of a picture of when the thing did not have a rail.  When you see it you ask yourself how it can support it’s own weight.

IMG_3694.jpg image.pngimage.png image.png

Could you imagine scaling those stairs with no railing, heck can you imaging scaling them regardless.  That would be a real test of faith.  Amazing.


Must have been a car show somewhere around Santa Fe, this was a great looking Impala SS.  What a cool custom paint job.


View album HERE then click any picture for slide show.

We ended the day together back at their new rig.  It is a very nice set up with a lot of well thought out features.image_thumb.png

It was great to see you guys and we look forward to reading all about your adventures this season up near Yellowstone.  Have fun.

Tomorrow after a quick visit to Tent Rocks we will hook up and head out.  We had planned to go there this morning but Toby had a rather rough night and we did not feel good about leaving him alone this morning.  If he is doing well tomorrow a quick hike through Tent Rocks is in order.

So now we are ready to head further north.  Colorado here we come!

Remember, TurnWhenTheRoadDoes