Leaving Santa Fe and Cochiti Lake we were headed to Alamosa.  Again US 285 was a great road.  A gradual incline began north of Santa Fe and we ended the day at about 7500ft in Alamosa.20140505_161129.jpg

Bobbie Chapman met us and guided us in to camp Chapman.  After getting set up and level we headed out to dinner.  It was Cinco de Mayo so Mexican was in order and of course that had to include the best Margaritas.  They were very good.  Jim was out of town but Bobbie was quite a solo host.20140505_182241.jpg

The next morning we re-grouped and after a super breakfast we headed to the nearby town of South Fork.  Bobbie showed us a beautiful campground where they have been hosts in the past.  The area is spectacular for sure.  The ‘valley’ is the crater (150 miles across) of an ancient volcano.  In every direction are snow capped mountains.  It does not get better than that.10261992_452954828181632_884419468912988211_n1.jpg

Jim had returned the previous evening but after a lot of traveling he called it an early night and we met for breakfast the next morning.19991231_183823.jpg 19991231_182045.jpg

The group shared a Cinnamon Roll that was the size of a football and I had an omelet smothered in green chili, truly a great breakfast.  When we got back to Camp Chapman Rhonda and I took off for The Great Sand Dunes National Monument.  Now that is a real pile of sand. The pictures do not in any way do justice to the enormity of the dunes.  Some of these pictures include people climbing the dunes, they simply look like dust spots.


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Saw this really cool camper in Alamosa


Poncho was happy to make new friends too.


When Jim got back from a second road trip, we all got together for some really good Chinese Food.  Our visit with the Chapman’s went by too fast, we had a really great time.  Thanks Bobbie & Jim.  Plans were made for some future visits as it sounds like our paths will cross again at least twice in the next 8 months.

Northward bound

Our next stop was Colorado Springs.  When we arrived at the Goldfield RV Park it had begun to rain.  Tired and cold we soon headed for bed after getting level and slides out.20140508_164452.jpg

The next morning Ryan and Dim came by to spend the day with us.  I had to run a few errands and let Rhonda and the kids get caught up for a couple of hours.  When I got back it was time to get lunch and go see something, the sky had by now become partly cloudy.


View album HERE then click any picture for slide show.

Before long the day was done and Ryan and Dim said bye for now and we started planning around the weather forecast.

Destination a day early, Fort Collins Saturday PM

With a winter storm headed toward our route it was decided that we best get the miles behind us now and hold out till things get a bit more clear after the storm.  I have an appointment in Fort Collins for some truck maintenance and upgrades on Monday.  We arrived just as the temps dropped and the rain began.  Tomorrow the forecast includes SNOW.  What a great welcome to the area.  Thought we would luck out and miss this stuff but not going to happen.

Oh well we can get four days of rest and get some TV time in as we have cable here at this park.  The 3G on our phones works well so we can feed Netflix through the I-Phone to the TV, crank up the heat and movie out, let it snow.

Remember, TurnWhenTheRoadDoes