Well we rolled into Fort Collins intending to camp at Horsetooth Reservoir but there were no sites available.  We turned around and went back toward Loveland and ended up at Riverview RV Park And Campground.  This location is right on the banks of The Big Thompson River and yep, there was a lot of damage.  Lots of work was in process for rebuilding what once was.

Our camp at Riverview RV Park


Riverview CG, Loveland CO
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We arrived a day early due to the weather forecast and sure enough it had not changed.  With 8 to 10 inches of wet heavy snow predicted, who knows what we were in for.  As it turned out things went ok, we just had a bit of mud to pull the rig through three days later when we left.

If you have been following this part of the adventure, you know we had some truck mods scheduled in Fort Collins.  On Monday AM I headed to Lundstedt Automotive.  Now you also know I am big on passing on a good review of a job well done.  There are no one or two words to tell how great these guys are.  The family business is multi generation and built on a solid reputation of customer service.  Their expertise includes DIESEL service so for all you RVers out there add this shop to your list if you need help near Fort Collins, CO.

We got all Juiced up.

The Edge Juice with Attitude provides 6 programs to tune your engine to the level required for the job.  I will be using the first three, level two is for towing.  The positive impact was/is obvious from the first time you light it up.  Our trip was an easier pull for the truck than what I have experienced previously, I’m happy.

Once the unit was attached, it also provides every critical function monitor in one compact package, it works and quickly showed a weak Lift Pump.  The Lift pump is the primary and less expensive of the two fuel pumps.  So a return trip to Lundstedt Automotive was in order the next day.

Truck is done and we headed out



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So we headed toward planned our last stop before reaching Green Ridge CG near Grand Lake, CO.  The Historic Woods Landing Resort was our intended destination for one last night on the road, we pulled in.  The snow that was forecast for Loveland missed Loveland and dumped on Jelm, WY., the campground was inaccessible.  Oh shit, I had called and there was no problem, we were set.  The problem was the accuracy of the weather forecast!

We had no choice but to continue to Grand Lake, CO.  The Restaurant at Woods Landing was open and they had a nice fire in the wood stove so we ordered a late lunch.  The food was very good and after we ate, it was back to the road.  Shortly after Woods Landing the elevation starts to climb, we got to 9500 feet eventually.  The truck did a great job except for the last mile of the seven or so we had ascended.  She overheated and the Tranny Temp alarm was chirping.  Dumping coolant into the reservoir and allowing things to cool down, we were back on our way, not fun but manageable I guess.

Grand Lake and WHAMO


I had just missed our turn into the campground and the Fuel Pressure alarm went off for the third time.  Apparently the new lift pump was failing.

I was freaking out, it was getting dark, we were almost on the side of the road, tires were over the white line and it was getting cold with more snow in the forecast.

I placed a call to Lundstedt Automotive and to my surprise there was a phone number for after hours contact.

This post is getting long and I am getting very tired.  I will finish the story tomorrow or the next day but remember Lundstedt Automotive if you ever need auto service near Fort Collins, CO.

To be continued…

Remember, TurnWhenTheRoadDoes