We were on the side of the road, remember the new lift pump?


Sitting on the white line was not too comfortable for sure.  Getting late and possible snowfall, not fun at all.  I had called Lundstedt Automotive and found they had an after hours number on their answering machine.  I was soon on the phone with Gary Lundstedt explaining what had happened and our current situation.  I had dealt with Brian and he and I were talking next.  The following is remarkable.

Brian called a friend in Grand Lake who came and pulled us onto the parking lot of a business across the street where we were safe and secure for the night.  He contacted the body shop that had his Ford 550 in for some work and he bolted the bed back onto that truck, installed his fifth wheel hitch in the bed, hooked up the car hauler trailer in case he needed to take my truck back to Fort Collins for the repair.  He intended to fix it on the spot and brought parts he thought may have been the problem.  The next morning at 9:00AM he was there and ready to get the problem fixed.  Just the drive for him, was at least 3 hours.  That is above and beyond in my book.  We had called Good Sam roadside assistance and it was a total joke as was our previous experience also, but that is another story.


So as long drives go, Brian started analyzing the scenario and sequence of events that led to our break down.  He remembered that from his experience the fuel gauge in these trucks can be unreliable.  WHAT, I ran out of fuel?  The gauge showed 1/4 tank.  Wow I can’t believe it.  Brian asked as he was getting out of his truck if I had ever run the fuel much past 1/2 tank, and I immediately said no.  Then I knew what had happened.

Sure enough, after priming the fuel system the ol’ Dodge was running like ‘normal’.  Brian followed me to the station where we filled it up and since I had the trailer on it was a good test.  Long before we headed to the station I was reviewing with Brian the overheating and tranny temp problems going up the grade just out of Jelm, WY.  He is looking into a beefed up Trans Fluid cooler and a larger fuel tank with a sensor that has a reliable fuel level sensor.  We will be getting those things done in some fashion before we leave the area.  As far as the coolant temp he suggested I push harder on the throttle, get the RPMs up around 2700 or so, let her really breath he said.

I wonder what our situation would have been like sometime in the future if I had stopped for fuel in Granby, three miles before she died.  Bet I would not have had any one more dedicated to his customer than Brian Lundstedt.

There will be more to the story of the truck fixes but for now, we are at our destination, jacks down, slides out.  Grandview campground sure does have some… grand views.  More on our camp hosting gig soon.

CORRECTION: I said Grandview, we are at Greenridge Campground.  I keep doing that, must be the altitude!!

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