A rocky start for sure.  A faulty fuel gauge, a dirty C Pap and altitude sickness.image.png

We arrived a day early and as you know, spent the first night in a parking lot with a mechanical mishap causing me stress.  Well fast forward three days and we are on our site, level and getting into the routine of opening the campground.  I however am continuing to feel the effects of the altitude, bad and not getting better.  On Monday I finally went to the ER and after the requisite exams and ruling out of other stuff it was determined that I had altitude sickness, specifically HAPE.  High Altitude Pulmonary Edema.  Oxygen was prescribed and by Thursday I was feeling better, still not ‘normal’ but better.  I believe neglect of my C Pap machine and the resulting dust build up caused me a respiratory infection that I had been dealing with for months.  Coming to altitude put me over the top and the condition grew much worse.  In the follow up appointment on Thursday, the Dr. prescribed an antibiotic.  I am feeling the results already.  So the PSA here is two fold, if you have a C Pap, clean it regularly, and do the research on HAPE & HACE.  Anyone coming to altitude, 8500ft can be affected, young, old, great shape or not, doesn’t matter, it can get you.

The view from our site

20140523_105927.jpg 20140523_105916.jpg

So for now, that is all the excitement there is to report.  Yes that is snow on the peaks in those pictures, lots of it.  The streams are full and the reservoirs soon will be.

Recuperating and camp hosting, more to come.

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