The view to the north across Shadow Mountain Lake from the golf cart at Green Ridge Campground.IMG_3862.jpg

I am ashamed that it has now been over two weeks since I last posted anything here.  We have done some cool stuff and for a lot of it I did not even have the camera handy.  Not sure why, other than the effects of the altitude still have me slowed down a bit.  I really have to change that, want to keep a tighter record of these adventures.


Anyway, here is what we have been up to.  CAMPHOSTING, that is the top of the list.  Paperwork, fire pits, reservation tags on the campsite posts, weed control, and yes a shine on the bathrooms.  But the GIG requires 20 hours (40 per couple) per week, and that leaves some time for play.  At Green Ridge there are two loops and two Campground Manager couples, one at each loop, we cover for each other when we go to town or off on an adventure.  There are other campgrounds in the system and more staff at those as well with Stillwater CG being the largest and the center of operations.  So for all you out there that are wondering what exactly we do as a camphost or campground manager for AL&L here in CO. there you have it.  Today is Friday and the CG is projected to be full for the weekend.  The influx of campers always brings an entertaining bit of time especially on Fridays as folks are getting settled and happy to have the past week behind them.  Opportunities for some great conversations and meeting people are ongoing and there were many this evening.  Great fun and always a hoot to visit with the folks camping here, some are becoming familiar faces as they come here very often in season.

Some shots of the CG as it was filling up this afternoon.

IMG_3870.jpg IMG_3881.jpg IMG_3880.jpg IMG_3864.jpg


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Other than that, we have made several trips to Grand Lake.  Cool place for sure, wooden covered sidewalks like an old western town.  Some really good places to eat, we’ve been to Sagebrush BBQ, (too many times) and they have a great menu, last time we were there, I saw a huge rack of BBQ ribs that I will have to order next time we go!!!  I will take the camera, promise.  Here is a link to Grand Lake and some of the really cool places on Grand Ave., yep everything here is GRAND.  Grand Lake CO. and another HERE then if ya wanna see some pictures, CHECK OUT THESE.

It’s a cool place to hang out for the summer for sure and I also mean that literally.  Seems like the average temps are hanging around the upper 60’s to mid 70’s.  For all you folks back in St. Louis, sorry ‘bout that but somebody has got to do this camp host stuff.

There have been a couple of excursions to Denver and one to Boulder.  The mission focus for the trip to Boulder was two fold, more about that in a minute.  The first trip to Denver was to comply with the required health screening for our gig next winter in San Diego County at the Agua Caliente Campground (Hot Springs). more on that in a few months.  Concentra urgent care was the facility San Diego County parks uses.  After about two and a half hours of paperwork and the cursory exam by Mr. DR. we were done.  One of the tests required a follow up within 72 hours.  That was the trip to Boulder and was the secondary reason for going to Boulder.

ENTER Optibike electric assist bicycle

bike-1-IMG_3855.jpg IMG_3856.jpg


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And the newest addition to their line up.IMG_3859.jpg

This was the primary reason for the trip and it turned out that Concentra was only a couple of blocks from Optibike, cool.

This model is an entry level bike and the newest addition to their line up.  Prices go to over $16,000 for the more sophisticated models.

So what is so special about this thing?  Our bikes sit at the camp site too much, mostly because of the up hill climbs in this altitude and even at 5000 ft or less it can be tough.  Could we get back into better shape if we put more effort into it and made it a priority, maybe, probably.  BUUUUT, we are getting older, we do want to ride the bikes and it is not fun now.  What is the answer, Power assist, it will get us riding the bike a lot more than we do now and that has got to help and it will be fun.  Here is how it works, you have all the components of a conventional bike and you ride it the same way.  The difference is that when you peddle there is a powerful electric motor that will assist when you need/want it. There is a throttle and you can set various levels of power assist.  The battery is a Lithium Ion battery and provides a lot of power in a really light weight package which helps make this configuration practical.  As the technology continues to improve it will be interesting to see just how far it goes, I’ll bet quite a ways.  How quickly, who knows?  Anyway this is Rhonda’s new bike.  A big part of the decision to get this was the 90 day trial period.  If it does not live up to what we expect it can be returned within 90 days for a full refund.  No risk and a lot to gain, can’t beat it.  I think there may be a lot of folks in the FT RV community that may be interested in these.  If you are interested and you do contact Optibike, please let them know we sent you.  There will be a benefit for you as well as us.

To learn more about these really cool bikes, here is a link.  Also for a while there is still time to enter to win one for yourself, enter here for your chance to win.  More to come on the Optibike when Rhonda’s is delivered.

So from Boulder we headed to Denver because the ride over Trail Ridge Road was under major repair from last years flooding.  The delays were long and it was too late in the day for a trip over the pass to be very appealing.  Back to Denver and up I-70 and the drive to Winterpark is beautiful.  Still lots of snow and the streams are running full.  I did not, as I said have the camera… bummer but there is next time.