20140619_142620.jpgA few days ago there were reports of a Bull Moose about a 1/4 mile from the campground.  I grabbed the camera and hopped into the golf cart.  When I arrived at the parking lot and gate for the ‘BARN’ I parked and proceeded to walk the trail to where he was last seen.  A woman and a dog, dog off leash, were heading my way at a good clip, she said she is always seeing them when she wants to take her dog for a walk and it’s just too dangerous, she is heading home again today.  Ummmm, that’s the smart thing to do.  So I proceed toward the barn where he is supposed to be.


Just before I reach a spot where things open up a couple says they had been watching him for a bit and he was still there.  I am expecting to get a great shot of what I have heard is a huge rack on a large Bull Moose.  But it was not to be, I never saw him.  He either moved just moments before I got there or more likely, he was laying down and since I was expecting to see him standing, I completely missed him.


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So I roam around for a few minutes looking for something interesting to ‘shoot’.

Better luck next time, (?) NOPE.  A couple of days later, our neighbor and fellow camphost and I take a run over to Monarch Lake, about four miles straight across from where we are camped. Dave is driving and knows the area from being here before.  As we approach the parking area and turn around, there is a crowd of people coming our way.  They are walking rather briskly and all have a somewhat concerned look on their faces.  Just as we come to a stop, we see the rangers, they are banging metal pans together and blowing air horns.  Everyone is looking uphill into the woods.  There is is, a rather large black bear.  The bear is not in much of a hurry to get away from the crowd, not a good thing for the bear at all.  Seems like a few minutes earlier there were two bear, this one and another even larger one that decided the picnic lunch for fifteen people was their lunch instead.  These two bear were happily munching and crunching on the food left behind by the unsettled picnickers.  Really not good for the bear in the long run.  Truly sad that they have lost all inhibition to people and now associate people with food.  Their days may be numbered and hopefully no one will be hurt.  But wait, did you ask where are the pictures?  I did not have the camera.  I was SO pissed with me.  My phone was no good either, the battery was dead.  Sometimes it is hard to be prepared.  I have been wanting to shoot a bear since we arrived and he was a good one too.

20140629_171644.jpg 20140629_171628.jpg

So other than that we have been just hanging out and being happy to be here.  The snow has mostly melted off the nearby peaks although I think a rain a few days ago may have just left a little in the RMNP north of us, those sure do look a bit whiter that a few days ago.

With the fourth just around the corner, it looks like we are going to really be busy for a few days.  Should be quite entertaining from what we hear about previous years.  I’ll try to remember to have the ol’ camera close by.

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