The past three weeks have been very busy.  Rhonda’s Daughter Anna flew into Denver from California and was here for little over a week.  Ryan, Rhonda’s son lives in Denver, came out a couple of times.  Good times had by all, then a surprise, Erin & Johnny drove from Waterloo, IL the last day Anna was here and began their vacation with us at Greenridge.  The two grand daughters Cybil & Ryleigh were in tow and ready for some fun.

20140629_171644.jpg 20140629_171628.jpg

Anna Flew back home out of Denver Sat 7/5 and Erin & Johnny stayed till Tuesday AM 7/8 then headed to the Black Hills of SD.  Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, Hot Springs, Crazy Horse, The Badlands, Wall Drug, etc.  I heard they had a great time in South Dakota.

While they were here we had a lot going on and I tried to keep up with the campground so Rhonda could get as much time with everyone as possible.

Here is a recap of some of what we did while they were here and it was a whirlwind.  RMNP and yes they saw lots of ELK and some MOOSE!.  At the Alpine Visitors center Johnny and the kids admitted the air was a bit thin, I think that was just to make me feel better.  They spent some time roaming around in Grand Lake and we all went to brunch on Sunday at the Grand Lake Lodge.

The girls wanted to take the Sea Eagle for a spin on Shadow Mountain lake.  Here are a couple of shots of their cruise.

IMG_3914.jpg IMG_3915_thumb.jpg

On Monday night we grilled Trout and it was GREAT.  Asparagus, potatoes, corn on the cobb, a real feast.  The pictures tell the story.


View album HERE then click any picture for slide show.


Full Timers and Camper neighbors Steve and Leslie became new friends and joined us for our cook out.  Great folks and an example of one huge benefit of the FT lifestyle.  We hope to cross paths again somewhere down the road.  Safe travels and stay in touch you two.


The cook out was a success and we had leftovers.  Toby managed to grab a whole serving (one big fish) when no one was looking.  That was gone in about two bites.

It was no time and Johnny and I were plotting their course for the Black Hills and they were getting up and heading out the next morning.  Time flies.

It was sure good to see everyone and the goodbyes were bitter sweet.  It was really good to see them excited about what the next few days had in store up north.  I can’t wait to hear all about what they saw and what they did.

So before we knew what had happened, the 4th was over the company was gone, and today Steve and Leslie rolled out.  Back to ‘normal’ around here, wham change happens fast.  It’s quiet, Sunday PM only a few campers here.  Deep breath.

Last Thursday we picked up Rhonda’s Optibike, as expected it really performs well.  We will soon write a post on that in more detail.20140713_123925_thumb.jpg

Shadow Mountain Lake20140713_122613.jpg



Elk in RMNPIMG_3926.jpg

So that is what has kept us hoping the past few days along with switching from Sprint over to Verizon.  That is a whole story for another time, or not.  Sprint is an unbelievable company.  I spent four hours trying to get a replacement phone.  Was told numerous times by too many people that I would have to change my plan to get the upgrade phone.   Finally I decided they did not need my business.  I was paying them every month for a level of service they consistently failed to deliver.  My bill never changed… So I did.  Verizon is GREAT so far.

We are past the half way mark for our time here.  I can’t Believe it.  Soon be plotting our course to California.  A Stop in Tucson will be part of that route, Stacey & Jason & Crew have moved into a new house since we saw them last.  Stacey is getting ready to add one more grand son to the growing clan.  See you soon guys.  Time sure does fly by.

Strapped on for the ride.  Remember; TurnWhenTheRoadDoes