Well here it is, the end of summer 2014 and the end of the gig in Colorado.  Seems to have gone by fast and at the same time, kind of like it took a long time to get here.


It’s been raining and cloudy most of the past few days.

Here are a few pictures of some of the fun stuff we have done while we were here this summer.

The Kauffman House (click link for more info)


View album HERE then click any picture for slide show.

Adams Falls (click link for more info)


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Lunch at Sweet Pea Café in Steamboat Springs20140821_140652 20140821_140631

which was just before we went to Strawberry Hot Springs


Brunch at Fat Cats Café

20140824_101500 20140824_101525

We made new friends and there were a lot more good times too, however, I have been in kind of a funk and not staying current with our adventures.

It just did not seem like there was much that would be interesting to write about.  It did not help that I have been tethered to oxygen most of the time either, the altitude and me do not seem to get along well.  I read an article last week about a local sheriff who came from Michigan and was at the same altitude, 8500 ft.  He had been on the job close to here for 6 months and finally had to head for lower ground.  At least I know it’s not something that I alone am affected by.

I got myself back into the news watching business again and it can be a bad habit.  All the BAD news coming from the St. Louis area combined with the bad news on the world stage tied to all the crazy PC crap that we and parts of Europe seem to be infected with leave you feeling like we have collectively lost our minds.  So I have to force myself to pull back and limit the news watching to an hour or less a day.  Maybe an hour a week would be better.  Less Facebook time too, there are some good RV related groups but it too can be a vortex you get pulled into if not careful.  I sure was happier when I was writing the blog frequently and shooting pictures a lot more.  So rolling off this hill and getting ‘untied’ to the O2 should change that.

We have a couple of things on the list before we roll and a get together with our new good friends Dave and Katie is at the top of the list.  I will get back on here and tell about that in the next few days and tell all about that.



We have had some really cool RVs here this summer but no the Amphibious Motorhome was NOT one of them!  (Got Cha!!!)

Shadow MT Lake

The unforgettable view to the north across Shadow Mountain Reservoir and Rocky Mountain National Park with the snow caps back in May.

We will be heading to California in just over a week.  The adventure will take us two weeks as we have it planned now.  Along the way we will detour and meet the new grandson Silas.  That will be the big event of the journey but along the way we do have some interesting things mapped out.  Scratching the ol’ hitch itch sure is a great way to get out of a funk.  I’m getting excited about the trip.

Thank you for stopping by and and remember, TurnWhenTheRoadDoes.