We are winding down at Green Ridge Campground.  The plan was to get a new tool box and diesel tank combo installed and have the airlines for the exhaust brake tightened on Tuesday.  Then we would be ready to roll next Tuesday.  The toolbox/tank was installed, oil changed, airlines were done but the air compressor must have burned out when it ran non stop for a couple of hours last May when we overheated on the way from Woods Landing.  New compressor ordered and we wait.  If all goes well the delay will only be two days which means we leave next Thursday.


Been looking at these locks all season.  The only thing I can figure is each ranger wants his own key… LOL

So for the next week we will be slowly getting things ready to roll.  Our friends and fellow camp hosts Dave and Katie will be leaving Monday.  The plan is to winterize their rig and pull it to Granby for the winter.  They will then drive back to Kansas (home) and possibly get in their Tioga for a trip to FL for part of the winter.  They hosted a cook out and get together at their rig last week and camper Dave, fellow campground managers Scott and Terri joined us.


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It has been great hanging out with them this summer.  Hope we can make our paths cross again in the future.  Stay in touch guys.



The managers, Jerry and Donna hosted a lunch get together to thank the group of campground managers for a great season.  The weather is beginning to turn a bit chilly and that was the case on the day of our get together.  Burrr it will be cold here soon.  Jerry and Donna have been really good to work with, we are at Green Ridge and they are at the larger campground Still Water.  There are 8 or 9 couples managing that campground.  Glad we were at Green Ridge it’s just as busy but less managing to the personalities involved in running the place if you know what I mean.


One of the great campers who brought her people out last weekend.

We took a ride into Rocky Mountain National Park last week, the Elk and Moose are very active.  We saw a couple of bull Moose rubbing trees to get the velvet off their antlers.


So while we wait for the parts and an opening in the schedule at Lundstedt Automotive, our camp hosting duties are not yet done.  We will stay and help right to the time we pull out of the park.  Campers are rolling in at a much lesser rate now that Labor day has passed, so there still is stuff to take care of.  The temps continue to drop, snow has blanketed the high peaks in all directions.  There is even a possibility of snow here tonight!!  So it will be a great test for our new infrared radiant electric fireplace.


The Infrared fireplace – great heat and way less power demand.

Netflix movies on hand, fireplace throwing heat, bourbon and popcorn.  Let it snow, just a little bit!!!  We will be back to the 90s when we leave here and possibly even warmer as we make our way to SOCAL for the winter.

Yep, the summer here in the high country has been mild, like summer never really happened.  At least not the kind of summer we are familiar with from Missouri.  I was planning the route and realized we will not be able to be as carefree, leaving the dogs in the truck and if we are boondocked with out hook ups, in the trailer with no AC, can’t do that.  Dang, we may not be able to take the kind of tourist days we were planning around Moab and Mexican Hat.  Yikes, oh well, looks like we will be traveling some of the same route again next spring.  It is always necessary to remain flexible out here.

Well I better get to it, Rhonda has started the movie!

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