I believe our ducks are now all in a row.20140917_222256

HoooooYa….. Back from Ft. Collins today and all of the trucks systems seem to be go.  We can finally scratch that case of Hitch Itch!!  The new compressor came in and now (TODAY) for the FIRST time since it was installed in 2012, I can say the Pac Brake is working.  What a difference, and that applies to the quality of service from trusted mechanics also.  Lundquest Automotive is way head and shoulders above my old go to shop back in MO.

So early up and out of here in the morning.  Looking forward to getting to lower altitude too.

Our route takes us across Colorado, into Eastern and southern Utah, back into Colorado to see Mesa Verde, down into Arizona and then over to SOCAL.  This will be a relatively fast trip but we do have a few adventures loosely planned.  The priority is to shake hands with a new grandson, he may not remember it but we will!  So come on along, I will try to get a few updstes along the way, but it may end up being a recap.  We’ll see how it goes.

Man time flies.

September 17, today marks day one of our third year FT.  Rhonda came up with a great idea for a post regarding that milestone.  That will be a post for sure when we get settled.

Hope all the rain subsides when by the time we get to southern Arizona.

Scratchin’ the itch.  Remember, TurnWhenTheRoadDoes