This trip to CA has been a much faster pace with a lot more packed into fewer days than our trip from Patagonia, AZ to Grand Lake Co last spring.  We took a whole 30 days for that trip.  The diversity in landscape and geology is simply amazing, we rolled through Colorado, Utah, Arizona and now Southern California.

So here we are, the night before we arrive at Agua Caliente.  My closing words in my last post were regarding the plan to arrive at the Grand Canyon RR RV Park in Williams, AZ and spend a few nights kicking back and relaxing.  Well that did not work out quite like we had planned.

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I resist making reservations as we are not and do not intend to be on a schedule for a great many things these days.  Scheduling campgrounds is at the top of the list of what we do not typically do for a number of reasons.  So as luck would have it, we were only able to stay at the GCRR RV park one night.  No big deal and as it turned out, it was great.  When we were leaving the Ute Mountain Casino a neighbor came over to ask about the bike rack on the pin box.  It does seem to get a bit of attention even though they are not all that uncommon, anyway as we talked he offered up an opportunity for us to stay at one of the ten resorts along the Colorado River that he and his wife are members of.  The deal is we get three nights free and a $100.oo fuel rebate in exchange for sitting through a 90 minute sales pitch.  Well at first the interest level was not too high so we thanked him and held on to the brochure and soon headed down the road.  When we left Williams and were rolling toward our planned destination north of Lake Havasu City, the closer we got the more we started thinking that a three night stay in an RV Resort just might fit for a bit of R&R so I called to check it out.  We quickly routed ourselves an additional 80 or so miles and soon were at the Emerald Cove RV Resort just across from Parker, AZ.  Palm trees, the Colorado River, a Tiki Bar and a nice sized pool with a great level FHU site and just a few miles south of Lake Havasu City.  Three nights of R&R for the road weary crew and plenty of time to check out a few of the sights around Lake Havasu City.  I am going to pass on a review of the sales pitch and just leave it at this, the Membership RV parks are not our style.  For some folks I’m sure they work out very well, they are just not our style and not for us.

Saddle Mountain RV Resort

20140929_093249_thumb.jpg 20140929_093210

So after a bit of fun and taking it easy for a couple of days we were heading on down the road to a stop half way to Tucson.  There was a Passport America park, Saddle Mountain RV Park that offered a great rate for an overnight with hook ups.  We did not even unhitch from the truck.  Got a great rest and an early start the next morning.  Destination; Catalina State Park, 18 miles from the kids.  We allowed three nights and tried to be there with the kids but not in the way.  It is a great thing to take your own bed when you visit relatives, you can be there but not be in the way!  Stacey and Jason have a busy household and company is great but I’m sure that after a few days if we were hanging too close we would start to be wearing out our welcome.  So we got together the evening we arrived, took care of business in Tucson the next day and on the third day Stephanie brought the kids out for breakfast, then we took the kids to the Biosphere 2.  We ended the day back at Stacey and Jason’s and our time was nearly over for this visit.  Silas is the latest addition to the growing list of grandkids.   He is now two months old and looking great.  Can’t wait to see him starting to walk and talk.

Bio Sphere 2 – Tucsonbsp2.jpg


View album HERE then click any picture for slide show.

View album HERE then click any picture for slide show.

Leaving Tucson and heading for Yuma, AZ the final stop before we get to Agua Caliente.  We took three nights at Foothills Village RV Park and kept an appointment with Benjamin’s Mobile RV Wash to get the rig looking like new.  They did a great job and the price was right for sure.  We will have them wash and wax the rig again in January.  I highly recommend them and if you are in the area and decide to call, please let him know we sent you.

Benjamin’s Mobile RV Wash


While we were in Yuma, we picked a couple of local history to visit, the Yuma Territorial Prison and the Quartermaster Depot.  In these two quite different places you get a real sense of life on these grounds over one hindered years ago.  Both were very interesting as was much of what we saw and did in the whirlwind trip from Grand Lake CO.

Wind Turbines down the road and cabins at Agua Caliente CP


Now we have arrived at Agua Caliente.  No Cell Service and WIFI thanks to the park, if not for that ZIP NADA.  I can not even get a signal to boost with the Wilson signal booster.  As the next few weeks unfold and we get into a routine, I will post more pics and details of some of the stuff we saw along the way.  It was a great trip.  Now it is off to soak in one of the hot springs after I pour a good glass of Bourbon.  Oh yea, the air here is WAY THICKER, the o2 levels are back up to 97% and I feel like a new man!!!

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