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I stepped out the other night and the moon was just peeking over the mountains to the east.  The clouds were making it look like a layer cake.  The scene changed so quickly I barely had time to get the camera, missed the initial shots and without the tripod, took these few decent shots.  Note to me: get the tripod at the ready and be ready.

A trip into town
After getting set up on our site on the third day we were here we headed to San Diego for final paperwork and orientation at the parks department.  The drive was around an hour and a half and our meeting lasted about another hour.  With that completed, we zipped across town to see the USS MIDWAY.image_thumb.png

It was an awesome experience to be touring this huge ship.  She was in operation from September 1945, just after WWll ended, until her decommissioning in 1992.  During those years she sailed every ocean in the world and participated in two conflicts, the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm.  A brief history and some interesting facts are summarized here.  One of the most fascinating things I thought was the specific years she served the country and what changes had taken place during those years.  That alone is a huge mind bender.  The aircraft of the WWll era and that of the 1990’s were vastly different and yet, she was there for both.  The men on board in 1945 and the crews of the 1990’s were from very different ‘worlds’, and she was there, fascinating.

I could have stayed the whole week, but it was time to pack it up and head back to camp.

Touring the area
The mailing address for the park is Julian, CA, but Julian is actually 30 or so miles from the park.  A sleepy little town with a rich history, settled just after the Civil War by veterans in search of a new life out west.  Soon after gold was discovered and the only gold rush in San Diego county followed.  After the Gold rush ran it’s course farming became the source of income for those who remained.  The conditions at the elevation were very favorable for orchards and today Julian is known for it’s Apples.  This time of year there are Apple Pies in nearly every shop in town and all looked to be very good.  We bought one that was unique, pecans and Carmel was added to the mix and the result was just about too damned good for words.


Many of the buildings date back over 100 years with a few being continually operated as a _________ for all that time.  One example is the grocery store.  One of the buildings has an old soda fountain and ice cream shop and I had some great pictures of the place but with a click if the mouse, they are now GONE.  Bummer, we will simply have to go back, soon.


This is a shot of the park at the base of the mountains.  Our rig is the white speck just to the left of center.

A Typical evening at the Agua Caliente Camp20141008_184940_LLS

And if we are not having a campfire in the evening, we are soaking at the mineral springs.pool.png
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Well that is the latest in the continuing adventure.  Remember TurnWhenTheRoadDoes.