A couple of months ago in Colorado we had our usual 6 month teeth cleaning.  My check up revealed the need for four fillings and a crown.  YIKES.  The dental office in Denver said they could help me by reducing the cost from $2,400.oo to $2,000.oo if I paid a $160.oo fee upfront???  A great strategy to sidestep the possibility of negotiating the price!!!  I simply responded with a request that they email my Xrays, PRONTO.

The Business district in Los Algodones


When we were back home, I did a Google search and quickly verified what I heard from other bloggers.  The Mexican border town of Los Algodones offers some great options for Dental and Optical services at much lower costs that here in the US.

They do say not to drink the water in Mexico, Algodones fixed that.


The result of that Google search had me calling Dental Departures and in short order I was convinced that my choppers would be ‘sharpened up’ in Mexico.  Our plans had us headed to SOCAL for the winter and a trip from where we are to Los Algodones is only about 100 miles.  What became obvious very quickly was that not only could I get all the work done for $340.oo to $360.oo, but it would be the same quality of work that I would get here in the US.  Sign me up.

The plan after that initial conversation was that we would firm things up when we were settled in California.  After a few emails and a rethinking of the scheduling we had discussed and I had an appointment set.  The initial choice was with an office that would require a three day ordeal for the work, three visits.  When we got to our location and I emailed a request for information on the possibility of getting the work done in one day I was very pleased that for an additional $40.oo and a different office I could in fact get it all done in one day with a total cost of $360.oo.  HELL OF A DEAL I’m saying.

So the days pass and I am second guessing the decision as my appointment date draws nearer.  But for the $$ difference, hell I have always been a risk taker, I go for it.

I charge forward with CONFIDENCE


On Wednesday 10/22/2014 at 08:00 I arrived at the dental office of Dra. Sonia M. Edeza Morales.  The office was a very nice, clean, modern facility and the staff were very friendly and accommodating.  I hate filling out a bunch of paperwork, after all I had provided some info on-line with Dental Departures earlier.  I was confronted with a form that simply required my name, email address and phone number.  My kind of get’er done stuff!  Five minutes later I was in the chair.

The fillings and prep for the crown were complete by about 10:30 and Dr. Sonia told me I should be back at 2:00 to finish the crown, it would be back from the lab by then.  The professionalism and quality of work were SUPURB.

I headed into Yuma for some errands and soon was back in the big parking lot ($5.00/day) at the border crossing.  The walk from the parking lot to the dental office was only about 3 blocks.  Leaving and going through customs and border patrol was fast and efficient.

When I returned, the crown was ready and the work resumed.  Dr. Sonia was extremely diligent and made sure the the crown was an exact fit and the fillings were not to high.  She was gentle and very thorough.  Can you tell I was quite impressed?

A quick bite to test the choppers


View album HERE then click any picture for slide show.

So after the dental work was finished, I decided to walk around the business district and check out a few things while I was there.  Optical: progressive, transition, non glare, with frames and the exam; $160.oo and same day pick up!  Headed back in November for that.

I had not eaten anything all day and was kind of hungry, when I passed in front of this place that said ‘If you don’t like the food, you don’t pay’, I thought who can argue with that.  Three Shrimp tacos $5.50 and they were fantastic.

Imperial Dunes Rec Areaimage_thumb.pngimage.png image.png

So it is done and it was a great experience.  I know I will be back to see Dr. Sonia Morales when we are here next winter.  Los Algodones is a destination in the next few weeks for sure, great fun and some good places for ‘real’ Mexican food.

The great times just continue here in the desert.

Remember, TurnWhenTheRoadDoes.