When we arrived here at Agua Caliente County Park it quickly became apparent that there was not a chance in hell that our cellular connections were going to be worth paying for while we are here.  Not even our Wilson booster could find a signal to boost.  So I suspended both Verizon and Millenicom until the end of Dec.

The remote camp till the end of the yearimage_thumb.png

San Diego County parks provides a WIFI connection for volunteers and staff but it is a bit sporadic.  It works but it can sometimes be so slow it may as well be turned off.

For phones, we both bought an unlimited subscription to SKYPE for calls to phones  but decided to not buy an actual phone number (much more expensive) so folks could call us.  Phone calls on Skype are iffy on even a great WIFI connection anyway not to mention the confusion created by adding another phone number to the mix for our friends and contacts.


For now email is our most reliable and most preferred method of communicating.  Believe it or not, many folks just can’t get with that program even when you tell them that a phone connection is very challenging and impractical, some folks still say we need to talk, call me on X day at X time.  Amazing, after a week of trying to connect by phone with some folks regarding possible Workamping volunteer gigs for next summer and having no success, one of those folks said ‘it may be best to just email for now’.  What a hell of an idea, we had been trying to tell them that from the get go.  A fact of human nature is driven home, nothing is a good idea until it is THEIR good idea.  I could go on regarding a variety of possible factors that influence the slow uptake on the part of some people in some areas of this country but that could really get me in trouble fast!

Just slow down and enjoy the peace and quiet of the placeimage.png

Anyway, the transition to a more laid back existence, a vacation from connectivity if you will, is a hard one for me to make.  I tell myself that it is only till the end of December.  I count the money I will save on the cellular and data bill and even though it is the better part of one thousand dollars I am still irritated with not being seamlessly connected.

So I am going to TRY really hard to pull back and not anx too much anymore.  When the end of December rolls around and I re-activate the phones and we roll back to civilization, watch out.  I will be calling everyone, everywhere, all the time just because I can.  It will also be a new beginning on the DATA side as well.  Millenicom and Verizon no longer have a working relationship so BYE BYE to the Millenicom DATA plan we had.  Hello to a better deal with Verizon. The change results in a 30 GB per month plan and unlimited talk and text on the phones.  That plan is actually about $30.00 per month less than the previous combination of Verizon and Millenicom and includes 10 more Gig than we had before.  The bummer is that unless we pay $20.oo more per month the Jet Pack is useless.  The phones can both act as hot spots so guess what, until and unless Verizon does not charge for access using the Jet Pack, that is the way we are going to roll.

Great location, the desert,  to just hang out by the fire in the eveningsimage.png

There are things I need to get DONE, scheduled, NAILED DOWN.  Tires for the truck, an Oil Change and I am sure more that I just can’t think of right now.  Now I know it WILL all get done.  May require a different approach and some flexibility on my part but damn it who has that kind of patience (Rhonda) not me.  We already have the January travel details pretty much worked out.  We know we will be at Riverbend Hot Springs from February 1 till May 1 and completely wired and connected there.

But back to the point, like an alcoholic, I am having withdrawal from connectivity.  It is going to take a concentrated effort to just BE till the end of the year.  Campfires, riding the bike, soaking in the hot springs, exploring the area, lots of things to do here.  If I can adopt a new outlook it may be transformative, but I am not holding my breath.  Wish me luck.

UPDATE: Well I could not leave well enough alone.  The day after I wrote this I decided it was time to move the blog to Host Gator!!!  Am I my own worst enemy or what?

Hanging in there and trying to just hang out here.

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