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Yep one foot goes out and the other follows then repeat.  I have heard that from Brian Gore many times over at Goin’ RV Boondocking, the good life.  Brian has a way of netting it out and he can make ya think too.  Always a good read.

It has been kind of hard to get ‘er going the past few days.  Missing the big dog a bunch.  Kind of like when the lights go out, you don’t know how much you appreciate them till they aren’t there any more.

Now it is time to put on the boots and start moving forward.

Let’s see, what is in the works that needs to be done,,, Oh yea, I did the dumbest thing ever, moved the blog.  But it did provide quite a distraction and kept me busy most of this week, which I needed.

Sometimes the READY FIRE AIM strategy worksimage

Changes like that require undivided attention and can consume days of your time to complete.  That is when you have all the tools handy and lined up in order to hammer out all the wrinkles that are going to pop up.  Well as you know we are here, way out here, where there is no cell coverage from the biggest and best provider.  Out here where we have only a marginal WIFI connection provided by the park service.  But in the middle of all that and our life going on while we had other plans, I decided to change it up.  I am happy to report that through it all I have the preliminary stuff done.  Now as the next few months unfold, there will hopefully emerge a growing and increasingly more valuable resource and reference here on Turn When The Road Does.com.  I have some ideas for what to include but also welcome from you suggestions and requests.  If possible, and if I am capable, I will include what makes sense.  So feel free to comment or email.  (I will be adding an email contact form soon)

Some of what I am thinking are things like RV Tips, stuff we use, stuff we do and why.  There is no ONE right way but there are some best practices that can help you avoid problems and sometimes breakdowns.  I have seen a LOT of varying opinions on places like Facebook regarding some of that stuff and will try to build a resource that will present what I have found out and realized to be true through research and some good old deductive reasoning (common sense).  I have found out through the years that the following is very true.


So if I do present something that is simply WHACKED, help me understand why and we will change it.  We’ll see how that goes.

You will also notice some limited advertising via Amazon links.  Hey it may help pay some of the bills and the local Veterinarian will be able to buy new shoes for his kids.  We have to go AGAIN for more dental issues Lily has!  She will be lucky if there are ANY teeth left in her head by the first of the year.  That’s a whole story in it’s self.

Oh yea, Amazon, well here is how it works, if you are here and decide to click on one of the Amazon Links and you actually make a purchase, we may get a few nickels as a result.  It will not cost you anymore, so start shopping.  Amazon is pretty amazing and can save a LOT of time and diesel running around to gather up stuff that may or may not be at the local store.  They just about have everything you can think of.

A quiet place during the week, Agua Caliente County Parkimage

We hear the CG gets quite busy for the holidays.  Around here Halloween is a big one and I think we are headed for a huge influx.  During the week it is a very quiet spot and you are quite aware of how remote it is.  Already we have seen the place nearly full on Friday afternoons.  Neighboring campers told us to be prepared for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It will be a mad house.  That is the price we pay for the peaceful weekdays I guess.

Thanks to everyone for the condolences and kind words regarding the loss of our traveling buddy Tobers.  It is still tough to get through the day without becoming choked up missing him.  He was quite a presence around here for a long time.  Lily has some huge paw prints to fill.

So that is the latest.  Thanks for dropping in and please stay tuned there is much more to come.