That feeble WIFI connection I complained about,,, is very strong in the clubhouse just 50 feet from the camper. Figured that out three days ago.
Since then I have worn a FLAT spot on my BACKSIDE working on trying to improving the blog.

A short walk to WIFI.


And I had taken the 50 mile round trip to Ocotillo twice, on one trip I spent 10 hours on line with Host Gator and trying to get help on the Forums at Word Press.

(love what they say about Powerful. Reliable. Simple.) HA!

I did that because I thought I only had till the 31st of Oct. to use the Millenicom (Verizon) Data.  Turns out that Verizon has extended that till Nov. 8th and there are opportunities from Verizon to continue with a similar arrangement to what you had with Millenicom.  You can get the details toward the end of this update from the folks over at Wheeling It.  So if I had only known all of that a few days ago I would not have been in such a rush and could have saved 100 miles of diesel that as it turns out, I did not have to burn.  50 feet from the camper, just can’t believe it.  We are even able to stream movies on it!  Rhonda is very happy with that.

Well it kind of looks like the prelim stuff is hammered out and a few good changes have been made.  More refinement to come but for now, I need a break.  For a while it will be back to ‘normal’ what ever that is. We gotta do some touristin’, workamping, photography (or the attempt at it) and the chores of life, BALANCE, that’s what we need.

There is some good news going on with the folks at CozybeGone and just as they get one big thing settled another issue pops up, this one with their truck.  Sure hope it’s not a big one, but congrats to you guys on the new digs and don’t keep us in suspense too long.

I welcome any feedback on this project so please let me know what looks good or interesting and what does not.  I will be continuing to hammer it out going forward.  Again for now, I plan to take a break for a few days and get back to playing.

Anyway, there is stuff to get done and I need to get the blood flowing in the hind quarters so, I’m outa here for a few days.

Remember, TurnWhenTheRoadDoes