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The view from our camp.pano agua c

This was the view today form the edge of our camp, just before we headed to El Centro.  Another beautiful day in the desert.

On our itinerary was a stop at the Veterinarian’s office to get Lily’s annual shots & to pick up Toby’s ashes.  Next stop planned, a local salon for hair cuts and then off  to Wal-Mart for supplies.  It took all day which was a good thing.  It got us in the truck and out of the house and the campground.  We have been in a huge funk since we lost Toby, AKA Mr. Biggs and now that picking up his ashes is done, it kind of feels like we have some closure, he is now back home.

Giving me ‘that’ look, then watching for ‘mom’ to come back

image 20141105_140310

Lily has pretty much been a one person dog from the day we got her.  She is beginning to blossom into a bigger personality and more accepting of attention from me now that she is the ‘big’ dog around the house.  We have no idea of her past but judging from what we see and the little we do know from the folks at the rescue, we suspect she was severely neglected at the very least.  Kind of explains why she is protective and possessive with her toys.  Not at all aggressive and actually timid and submissive, but gathers up and hides her toys.  I think she liked getting out for a ride in the truck too.

Wide open space, big sky and mountains, beautifulimage

and a few Eye sores too

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We have been here for a month and I can’t believe that much time has passed already.  Seems like yesterday we rolled out of Grand Lake and headed south.

So we have a plan that is hatching.  A 220 mile road trip next week.  Hell we may just decide to take the sleeping bags and camp somewhere on the trail,  break it up into a couple of days?  We’ll see.

Planning a day trip next weekimage_thumb[13]_thumb

On this circle there is a heck of a bunch to see and do.  Plenty of things to give the camera a good work out on.  I found a lot of ideas on a really cool web site here Big Boy Travel.

I don’t know how much we can possibly see on this route in a day or two but we will be here till the end of December and can go back.  We’ll also be staying in Quartzite in January.  Quartzite is just to the east of the map above on I-10.  So there will probably be many future adventures out here.

A couple who camped here a few days ago, Brian and Barbara, have told me to plan a whole day just at the metal sculptures in Borrego Springs.  That is closest to our camp and we will be heading to Borrego Springs for the farmers market on Fridays, so we may make that a quick stop on this run.

That’s about it for now.  Remember, TurnWhenTheRoadDoes